Component admin Lead: Yamini K B Administration changes in the SailFin
Component admin_gui Lead: Yamini K B Administration GUI
Component annotation_support Lead: prasads JSR 289 annotation support
Component build_system Lead: naman_mehta Issues related to the build systems
Component deployment Lead: prasads Deployment and annotation processing for JSR289 artifacts
Component doc Lead: chinmayee_srivathsa Documentation for SailFin
Component glassfish_extensions Lead: jluehe Extensions to the existing modules of glassfish like WebContainer , Session replication; Converged Web container
Component group_management_service Lead: Joe Fialli GMS issues pertaining to Sailfin
Component i18n Lead: gmurr Internationalization
Component L10n Lead: gmurr Localization of SailFin
Component load_balancer Lead: kshitiz_saxena Converged Load Balancer
Component server_lifecycle Lead: prasads Issues related to startup and shutdown of server
Component session_replication Lead: Mahesh Kannan Session replication issues in the Sailfin
Component sip_container Lead: sankara Sip Servlet Container; Sip Servlet API related issues.
Component sip_security Lead: venu Security aspects of Sailfin related to sip servlet container
Component tests Lead: jagadesh Quicklook and test issues
Component Tools Lead: vince kraemer IDE related support including NetBeans / Eclipse plugin
Component verifier Lead: eltjoboersma Application Verifier support for Sailfin
Component www Lead: issues@sailfin none