The Java-based bootstrap code that downloads the UC2 packages to a system that doesn't have them

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  • Bug UPDATECENTER2-2175 Bootstrapper performance regression from 2.3.2
  • Bug UPDATECENTER2-2219 bootstrap only refreshes preferred catalog
  • Improvement UPDATECENTER2-1394 bootstrap with proxy-auth and non sun-jdk in path

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  • Bug UPDATECENTER2-2214 18/Nov/13 bootstub wrapper script checks for JDK 1.5 or newer. It should check for 1.6 or newer.
  • Bug UPDATECENTER2-2215 18/Nov/13 pkg-bootstub.bat script doesn't look for JDK 7
  • Bug UPDATECENTER2-2219 08/May/13 bootstrap only refreshes preferred catalog

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