Java API for WebSocket JSR will define a standard API for creating web socket applications.

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  • Bug WEBSOCKET_SPEC-175 Need some resolution or clarification for how and when HttpSession last acces time gets updated
  • Bug WEBSOCKET_SPEC-176 Specification does not specify who should send Pings and how often
  • Bug WEBSOCKET_SPEC-188 Interaction with Servlet Filters, Listeners and RequestDispatchers is unclear

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  • New Feature WEBSOCKET_SPEC-225 04/Apr/14 Add method to asynchronously send messages of unkown length
  • Improvement WEBSOCKET_SPEC-224 01/Apr/14 Consider NOOP default interface methods implementation - Encoder/Decoder init/destroy - Java SE 8
  • Improvement WEBSOCKET_SPEC-223 13/Mar/14 Performance impact of RemoteEndPoint async threading model

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  • Unreleased 1.0 Release Date: 02/Apr/13
  • Unreleased 2.0 Release Date: 01/Jan/15

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