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  • [GRIZZLY-1070] - Streams returned by Request and Response should be blocking by default
  • [GRIZZLY-1071] - WebSocketClient will not get notified when connection closed
  • [GRIZZLY-1072] - Potential StackOverflow error, when using notifyCanWrite->WriteHandler.onWritePossible->notifyCanWrite..... chain
  • [GRIZZLY-1073] - Improper Future recycling may cause sporadic I/O operation failures
  • [GRIZZLY-1074] - Grizzly, in some cases, incorrectly parses form based query parameters
  • [GRIZZLY-1075] - HeapMemoryManager doesn't notify MemoryProbe, when allocates new byte[]
  • [GRIZZLY-1077] - BuffersBuffer.get(ByteBuffer) incorrectly transfers data
  • [GRIZZLY-1079] - SSLFilter implementation doesn't support parallel writes
  • [GRIZZLY-1080] - NullPointerException in filterChainContext.write after ctx.getSuspendingAction() then using separate thread call ctx.write with PUFilter
  • [GRIZZLY-1081] - Custom threadpool is ignored when set in AsyncHttpClientConfigBuilder
  • [GRIZZLY-1082] - fix websockets draft76 handshake
  • [GRIZZLY-1085] - HeapBuffer.order() always returns ByteOrder.BIG_ENDIAN
  • [GRIZZLY-1089] - Incorrect handling of unknown Sec-WebSocket-Version
  • [GRIZZLY-1095] - Server-side websocket code incorrect fails a WS client handshake that doesn't include an Origin header
  • [GRIZZLY-1098] - WS failure for autobahn test case 2.5
  • [GRIZZLY-1099] - WS autobahn test cases 3.1-3.6 fail.
  • [GRIZZLY-1100] - Autobahn WS test cases 5.1, 5.2, and 5.6 - 5.20 fail
  • [GRIZZLY-1101] - Native ByteBuffers leaked from TCPNIOTransport
  • [GRIZZLY-1102] - IdleTimeoutFilter: -1 value is not working
  • [GRIZZLY-1111] - IllegalArgumentException while encoding data using SSLEncoderTransformer.wrapAll()
  • [GRIZZLY-1113] - If a response is resumed or cancelled mid-request while the client is still sending data, the data accumulated after the cancel/resume trigger the handler again.
  • [GRIZZLY-1116] - ClassCastException when running SSLTest with ByteBufferMemoryManager as the MM specified on the Transport.
  • [GRIZZLY-1132] - Using grizzly-websockets for client use only pulls in dependencies on the http-server module.
  • [GRIZZLY-1137] - Inconsistent context might be processed by FilterChain after returned SuspendStopAction
  • [GRIZZLY-1146] - request.getHeader does not return the trailer on chunked POST requests with trailers
  • [GRIZZLY-1147] - Grizzly should enable Connection OP_READ interest only when ReadHandler is registered
  • [GRIZZLY-1155] - Impossible to customize 100-Continue processing logic, when HttpHandlerChain is used
  • [GRIZZLY-1156] - TimeoutException on TcpNIOTransport.stop
  • [GRIZZLY-1158] - UnsupportedOperationException: org.glassfish.grizzly.threadpool.SyncThreadPool.awaitTermination


  • [GRIZZLY-519] - add JMX support
  • [GRIZZLY-1056] - Allow to initialize async read/write outside HttpHandler.service(...) method
  • [GRIZZLY-1078] - Improve AsyncWriteQueue performance
  • [GRIZZLY-1083] - WS idle connection timeout, as far as Grizzly config is currently designed is the same as HTTP idle connection timeout. The two timeouts should be independent.
  • [GRIZZLY-1139] - Make possible for org.glassfish.grizzly.utils.Charsets to preload all the available charsets
  • [GRIZZLY-1142] - Pending bytes for async write queue should not be unlimited by default. It should be closer to the socket output buffer size.
  • [GRIZZLY-1143] - Improve QueueMonitor API

New Feature

  • [GRIZZLY-1046] - Implement FileChannel.transferTo() support for StaticHttpHandler
  • [GRIZZLY-1055] - Make possible to distinguish if Connection was closed locally or by peer
  • [GRIZZLY-1129] - Supporting thrift server and client modules


  • [GRIZZLY-969] - [documentation] Create chapter content for grizzly-comet
  • [GRIZZLY-1087] - Reduce findbugs count for 2.x by 30% (glassfish requirement)
  • [GRIZZLY-1150] - Bring 1.9/2.1/2.2 WS implementations inline with RFC 6455
  • [GRIZZLY-1152] - Make possible to set async write queue per each Connection individually
  • [GRIZZLY-1157] - Deprecate FilterChainContext.getSuspendingStopAction()
  • [GRIZZLY-1159] - Refactor Grizzly 2.1.x

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