Release Notes - mq - Version 5.0-RI (Sprint 10 - 28) - HTML format


  • [MQ-277] - There is word "Sun" in the title of the help


  • [MQ-193] - Upgrade JMSRA to support the activation properties required by JMS 2.0
  • [MQ-278] - Modify JMSProducer#getPropertyNames to return an unmodifiable Set rather than an Enumeration
  • [MQ-279] - Allow consumer close from any thread, including from a message listener on its own consumer
  • [MQ-280] - Remove noLocal parameter from shared subscriptions

New Feature

  • [MQ-269] - Extend JMSRA to support unset clientId when subscriptionScope not set


  • [MQ-250] - Implement JMSRA activation properties destinationLookup, connectionFactoryLookup
  • [MQ-251] - Implement JMSRA activation properties clientId, subscriptionName and subscriptionScope

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