Release Notes - jersey - Version 1.3 - HTML format


  • [JERSEY-66] - Log warining if a type to be injected is not supported
  • [JERSEY-472] - conditional PUT sometimes works and sometimes not
  • [JERSEY-488] - MultiPart should create boundary parameter to avoid issues with Apache HTTP client and chunked encoding
  • [JERSEY-509] - WebApplicationExceptions with response code >= 500 do not get passed back to the http container
  • [JERSEY-510] - Jersey contains arguably defective Base64 implementation
  • [JERSEY-529] - InputStream should be closed at com.sun.jersey.server.impl.BuildId._initiateBuildId(
  • [JERSEY-531] - Regression: Status of 415 if content-type != x-www-form-urlencoded
  • [JERSEY-538] - @Context Application is not injected
  • [JERSEY-540] - query parameter of collections of generic types results in "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Generic type, Foo, not support for parameter java.util.List<Foo<Bar>>."
  • [JERSEY-543] - unable to build extended-wadl-webapp sample


  • [JERSEY-436] - Extend resource context to fetch resources based on path, URI
  • [JERSEY-489] - Enable configurable namespace separators for json.

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