Release Notes - jersey - Version 1.5 - HTML format


  • [JERSEY-289] - Jersey filter does not work with URL patterns like "/resources/*"
  • [JERSEY-320] - Un/Marshalling List of JAXB beans from/to FI does not work
  • [JERSEY-452] - Upon deployment, verify resource scope semantics
  • [JERSEY-478] - JSONConfiguration.natural().rootUnwrapping(false) causes JsonGenerationException
  • [JERSEY-522] - Request.selectVariant ignores qs value in @Produces
  • [JERSEY-553] - Problem injecting TerminatingClientHandler.workers when using URLConnectionClientHandler as a delegate
  • [JERSEY-557] - cannot inject a spring ApplicationContext into a resource
  • [JERSEY-582] - NullPointerExceptions on instantiation
  • [JERSEY-592] - Document org.glassfish.web.isDefaultErrorPageEnabled
  • [JERSEY-593] - Null pointer exception when logging filter and ResourceContext.matchResource is used
  • [JERSEY-595] - when using FilterForwardOn404 there is far too much INFO log noise with stack traces
  • [JERSEY-598] - Request.selectVariants implementation needs to produce the Vary header
  • [JERSEY-606] - NullPointerException when OAuthProvider returns null for newAccessToken(...)
  • [JERSEY-610] - When doing a HTTP-Delete call with ApacheHttpClient Basic Authorization does not work.
  • [JERSEY-611] - [patch] fix bad substringing, causing not stripping trailing /
  • [JERSEY-612] - [patch] bad typo causing improper charset comparison - fixed
  • [JERSEY-615] - [patch] spelling error means hashCode not overridden
  • [JERSEY-620] - Problem when default constructor of a Resource raise an exception
  • [JERSEY-624] - TypeListener<ClientResponse> fails with async API
  • [JERSEY-631] - Cannot PUT to a WebResource after GETting it
  • [JERSEY-689] - Glassfish 3.1 maven-embedded-glassfish-plugin failure when cdi enabled (beans.xml present): java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
  • [JERSEY-701] - Jersey stacks on get requests sometimes.
  • [JERSEY-706] - @RolesAllowed annotation ignored on Tomcat (poss. also Glassfish)


  • [JERSEY-132] - Allow for properties to be set on WebResource
  • [JERSEY-587] - Upgrade to JSP Taglib 1.2 specification
  • [JERSEY-596] - Fix Content-Disposition header in jersey-multipart to be compatible with Google Appengine blobstore api
  • [JERSEY-613] - [patch] remove unused allocation
  • [JERSEY-614] - [patch] improve issue list clearing by using clear
  • [JERSEY-616] - [patch] guard against npes

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