Release Notes - jersey - Version 1.9 - HTML format


  • [JERSEY-721] - NullPointerException during WADL generation with @Autowired Spring beans
  • [JERSEY-737] - Typo in com.​sun.​jersey.​api.​client.​PartialRequestBuilder.entity()
  • [JERSEY-745] - application.wadl does not show @FormDataParam parameters
  • [JERSEY-753] - Jersey does not work with MOXy jaxb impl.
  • [JERSEY-755] - WADL Javadoc tag issue
  • [JERSEY-761] - Typo in com.sun.jersey.api.core.ResourceConfig Javadoc
  • [JERSEY-767] - WebApplicationException thrown from ContainerRequest.getMediaType when Content-Type header is malformed causes a 500 Internal Server Error
  • [JERSEY-1001] - CLONE -IllegalAccessException in LinkFilter


  • [JERSEY-679] - WADL generation should general XML Schema by default
  • [JERSEY-686] - Clarify WebAppDescriptor.contextPath() vs WebAppDescriptor.servletPath()
  • [JERSEY-718] - archetype review - ensure archetype projects are utilizing most current JAX-RS standards
  • [JERSEY-719] - use the JAX-RS standard means of configuration for Servlet based deployments, following JAX-RS JSR-311spec Section 2.3.2 (web.xml configuration/usage)
  • [JERSEY-720] - Create a micro benchmarking framework for Jersey/JAX-RS
  • [JERSEY-756] - GenerateWadlMojo doesn't write ExternalGrammars

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