Release Notes - jersey - Version 1.12 - HTML format


  • [JERSEY-601] - CDIExtension: NPE not yet resolved, since lookup fails in JNDI with some container
  • [JERSEY-830] - JResponse with generics breaks WADL generation
  • [JERSEY-874] - WebResource$ throws undocumented exception
  • [JERSEY-877] - Bad Content-Type set in post request throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Error parsing media type
  • [JERSEY-883] - CDI in servlet environments
  • [JERSEY-897] - Improper error handling hides error when throwing exception resulting in
  • [JERSEY-898] - Request.evaluatePreconditions((EntityTag) null) does not throw IllegalArgumentException
  • [JERSEY-902] - broken links in user guide
  • [JERSEY-906] - grizzly-framework-2.1.2.jar file was not included in the list of jars 'Non-maven developers require:' in getting-started guide
  • [JERSEY-907] - ClientFilters are processed in the opposite order as documented
  • [JERSEY-931] - Jersey-Servlet release 1.11 maven artifact references non-existing artifact weld-osgi-bundle 1.1.2.Final
  • [JERSEY-933] - Helloworld-osg-webapp is not working
  • [JERSEY-943] - grizzly2 quickstart archetype produces maven project, where test fails with 404 Not Found trying to access .wadl
  • [JERSEY-955] - Typo in JerseyServletModule method name: "fearturesAndProperties"
  • [JERSEY-968] - Jersey application runs on Jboss-4.2.3 but not on apache-tomcat-6.0.35‏
  • [JERSEY-1075] - Jersey switches mediaType */* to be application/octet-stream when cycling through MessageBodyWriters leaving some Writers not handled
  • [JERSEY-1185] - Update to Jersey 1.12 breaks tests


  • [JERSEY-671] - json-from-jaxb sample missing aircrafts in JAXB ObjectFactory
  • [JERSEY-876] - GrizzlyWebContainerFactory.create() should accept host
  • [JERSEY-934] - Add \n to ResourceConfig.COMMON_DELIMITERS

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