Release Notes - jaxb - Version 2.2.5 - HTML format


  • [JAXB-415] - Marshaller.marshall throws NPE if an adapter adapts a non-null bound value to null.
  • [JAXB-488] - compatibility issue with JAXB 2.0
  • [JAXB-608] - javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter.parseBoolean incorrect
  • [JAXB-616] - XMLCatalog not used from xjc/xjctask when strict validation is enabled
  • [JAXB-617] - setting Marshaller CharacterEncodingHandler with utf-8 does not work
  • [JAXB-790] - Whitespace processing for xs:anyURI type
  • [JAXB-794] - Classes annotated with @XmlTransient are still mapped to XML
  • [JAXB-795] - Catalog passed to XJC is not used during the schema correctness check
  • [JAXB-814] - Failing with 'no-arg default constructor' on @XmlTransient
  • [JAXB-825] - Attribute with default generates different types for get and set methods
  • [JAXB-831] - Memory leak in com.sun.xml.bind.v2.ClassFactory
  • [JAXB-834] - Cannot use binding file on Windows
  • [JAXB-836] - CLONE -Marshaller.marshall throws NPE if an adapter adapts a non-null bound value to null.
  • [JAXB-837] - XJC generated code misses out some fields from XML
  • [JAXB-843] - Marshaller holds reference after marshalling for the writer that was used to marshal into
  • [JAXB-844] - Memory Leak in com.sun.xml.bind.v2.runtime.Coordinator
  • [JAXB-847] - DataTypeConverterImpl patch causes corrupted stream generation in some cases
  • [JAXB-849] - JAXB:Invalid boolean values added to lists as 'false'
  • [JAXB-856] - xs:import namespace="" is not generated
  • [JAXB-858] - xjc generates no JAXBElement for nillable element with required attribute
  • [JAXB-859] - Corrupt license file in the distribution
  • [JAXB-860] - NullPointerException com.sun.xml.bind.v2.runtime.ClassBeanInfoImpl.checkOverrideProperties(
  • [JAXB-867] - jax-ws / jax-b / glassfish 3.1.1 web services fail to send data from beans based on variable name.
  • [JAXB-868] - Escape policy for quote (") is different when the serialization is performed to OutputStream or Writer
  • [JAXB-869] - Multiple <any /> elements on a schema : second element is not loaded
  • [JAXB-882] - Marshalling Objects extending JAXBElement linked by @XmlElementRef
  • [JAXB-1019] - Invalid boolean values added to lists as 'false' (part 2)


  • [JAXB-445] - Generated episode bindings should contain target package name
  • [JAXB-499] - Umbrella issue for all XJC related encoding issues wrt xjc itself and maven plugins/ant tasks
  • [JAXB-839] - More Schema Annotations/Documentation to Javadoc

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