Release Notes - javaserverfaces - Version 2.2.6 - HTML format


  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3132] - NullPointerException when navigation rule use <if> and has no <from-outcome> element.
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3133] - In f:selectItems jsp tag, attribute itemValue not working
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3134] - f:selectItems with value of type Map not working with HTML5 friendly Markup
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3135] - Expression Language (EL) Regression { } (braces) not escaped correctly
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3137] - contracts resource resolving with multiple contracts uses wrong contract if resource only exists on second contract
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3143] - XSS hole: GenericObjectSelectItem incorrectly defaults to itemLabelEscaped="false"
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3146] - absolute contract reference (e.g. template="/contracts/base/template.xhtml") fails if the target contract is packaged with a jar
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3150] - OutputText not encoding output
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3151] - PartialViewContextImpl doesn't leverage VisitContextFactory for PartialVisitContext so it disallows to use VisitContextWrappers
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3152] - <ui:repeat>'s value attribute gets evaluated during each and every ajax call, even when <ui:repeat> is outside the render area
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3153] - Converter does not run on GET parameter after redirect from login page
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3154] - NPE on f:param with null value
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3156] - ClassCastException when custom VisitContextFactory is used
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3160] - contracts in jars must always be located in META-INF/contracts, but WebConfiguration uses WebAppContractsDir configured contracts dir
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3166] - ViewExpiredException after Ajax call (was working with JSF 2.2.5-SNAPSHOT)
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3167] - also prevent absolute contract reference like "/contracts/base/template.xhtml" for ui:component, ui:decorate and ui:include
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3168] - also prevent absolute contract reference like "/contracts/base/template.xhtml" for h:graphicImage, h:outputStylesheet and h:outputScript
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3169] - jsf:action on html buttons changes the rendered markup
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3180] - Possible NPE in FormOmittedChecker
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3186] - Force flash cookie to be removed when exception is thrown during encryption
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3196] - Do not make action-based prototype to be enabled by default
  • [JAVASERVERFACES-3365] - Passthrough Elements produce Incorrect HTML


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