Release Notes - shoal - Version 1.1 - HTML format


  • [SHOAL-68] - HealthMonitor's getMemberState should not make a network roundtrip peer's own health state
  • [SHOAL-69] - GroupHandle.raiseFence() needs to throw exception if fence is already raised.
  • [SHOAL-70] - Exception occurs showing Member no longer in the group, when sending messages to an alive member
  • [SHOAL-71] - HealthMonitor.isConnected : for loop only looks at 1 network interface
  • [SHOAL-72] - need a fix for the "unable to create messenger" IOException
  • [SHOAL-73] - Change ShoalLogger WARNING for IOException to FINE
  • [SHOAL-74] - potential to miss FAILURE_NOTIFICATION when multiple instances killed at same time
  • [SHOAL-75] - messages not being delivered over jxta OutputPipe.send
  • [SHOAL-77] - CMS SIGSEGV error generated by the JVM
  • [SHOAL-78] - add isLoggable around logging that is lower than warning
  • [SHOAL-79] - DistributedStateCacheImpl not thread safe?
  • [SHOAL-80] - Accessing system property in a rt.jar specific way
  • [SHOAL-81] - Propagate Senders HM.Entry seqid in sent HealthMessage
  • [SHOAL-82] - notifying cluster view event is not thread safe
  • [SHOAL-83] - When group leader failed, any member couldn't receive FailureRecovery notification
  • [SHOAL-84] - JXTA Exception on network disconnect
  • [SHOAL-85] - message not processed/received when GroupHandle.sendMessage with null component name is specified
  • [SHOAL-86] - Graceful handling of unexpected exceptions(NPEs) when GMS failed to join the group
  • [SHOAL-87] - (trivial) When a failure suspected event is received, the log message is printed inadequately
  • [SHOAL-88] - GroupHandle.sendMessage fails frequently when too many concurrent threads sending at same time
  • [SHOAL-90] - SEVERE ShoalLogger msg: World Peer Group could not be instantiated
  • [SHOAL-91] - jxta class loading issue using IBM JDK 1.6
  • [SHOAL-92] - jxta class loading issue using IBM JDK 1.6
  • [SHOAL-93] - missing FailureNotificationSignal during network failure when non-master is isolated
  • [SHOAL-94] - IndexOutOfBoundException setting VIRTUAL_MULTICAST_URI_LIST to one uri
  • [SHOAL-95] - Stale ClusterView in Master due to no HeatlhMessages
  • [SHOAL-96] - Re-joining a group throws a NPE exception.
  • [SHOAL-97] - GroupHandle.sendMessage with Null targetComponentName results in exception being thrown
  • [SHOAL-98] - sending a message that exceeds message limit causes exception in receiver
  • [SHOAL-100] - Sometimes FailureRecoverySignal is not notified
  • [SHOAL-101] - very intermittent - ABSTRACT_TRANSPORT BRANCH: dropped Shoal message(using Grizzly transport) in distributed system testing
  • [SHOAL-102] - [Javadocs] Add reference info to JoinedAndReadyNotificationSignal, Action and ActionFactory javadocs
  • [SHOAL-103] - [Javadocs] Add reference info to JoinedAndReadyNotificationSignal, Action and ActionFactory javadocs
  • [SHOAL-104] - [Javadocs] Add referential info to JoinedAndReadyNotificationSignal, and its related Action and ActionFactory on its use
  • [SHOAL-105] - enhance validation of GMS configuration property BIND_INTERFACE_ADDRESS
  • [SHOAL-106] - Grizzly transport: sendMessage gets a NPE in NIOContext.configureOpType
  • [SHOAL-107] - MasterNode ensure delivery of GMS notifications over UDP
  • [SHOAL-108] - setting Bind Interface Address in grizzly transport
  • [SHOAL-109] - optimize virtual broadcast message send
  • [SHOAL-110] - enabling a second network interface in the bios causes view change issues
  • [SHOAL-116] - rejoin subevent is null in JoinedAndReadyNotificationSignal


  • [SHOAL-89] - Improved concurrency for sendMessage
  • [SHOAL-99] - Add OSGi bundle headers to MANIFEST.MF
  • [SHOAL-111] - capability to configure requirement for authentication for GMS member to join group
  • [SHOAL-112] - ability to configure GMS member to use SSL


  • [SHOAL-76] - DSC logging performance improvements

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