Release Notes - glassfish - Version 3.1_b22 - HTML format


  • [GLASSFISH-11343] - Class ...MessageParameters not found. Error while loading class ...MailBean
  • [GLASSFISH-11383] - Broken double checked locking in AbstractAnnotationScanner
  • [GLASSFISH-12795] - Can't acces GUI admin console to newlycreated domain (HTTP Status 500)
  • [GLASSFISH-13235] - code to process deployment plan need to be more robust to handle the unexpexcted files from META-INF
  • [GLASSFISH-13275] - Applications tab under standalone instance gives exception
  • [GLASSFISH-13375] - DHQA: Save in Edit Applications brings error
  • [GLASSFISH-13390] - [Blocking] Exceptions in connector-runtime module while running specjenterprise 2010 benchmarks
  • [GLASSFISH-13427] - Admin GUI fails to show up in GlassFish 3.1 build 19 when domain has admin password
  • [GLASSFISH-13481] - WEB0113: Virtual server [server] already has a web module [test] loaded at [/test]; therefore web module [test] cannot be loaded at this context path on this virtual server.
  • [GLASSFISH-13489] - add-resources does not consider externa-jndi-resource configuration
  • [GLASSFISH-13557] - Using @EmbeddedId within @MappedSuperclass fails
  • [GLASSFISH-13558] - Half deployment should not happen.
  • [GLASSFISH-13570] - (admingui) app loading time not logged correctly
  • [GLASSFISH-13584] - need to book-keep app-scoped-resources during deployment
  • [GLASSFISH-13585] - determine resource-types appropriately while checking for conflicts in glassfish-resources.xml
  • [GLASSFISH-13589] - PER-002:NameNotFoundException java:app/jdbc/pkgEarTest9 on a cluster
  • [GLASSFISH-13594] - Error Handling Not Optimal
  • [GLASSFISH-13601] - Attempting to add a target removes all targets
  • [GLASSFISH-13610] - 'lifecyclemodule.load_exception' key logged at startup
  • [GLASSFISH-13611] - cannot delete lifecycle module
  • [GLASSFISH-13615] - TX-003 tx/recoverylockfile (Permission denied) from a remote instance
  • [GLASSFISH-13618] - create-lifecycle-module should accept domain as target
  • [GLASSFISH-13620] - cannot specify virtualservers when creating a lifecycle module
  • [GLASSFISH-13621] - Possible NPE when "res-type" is specified as "java.sql.Driver" in glassfish-resources.xml
  • [GLASSFISH-13667] - [BLOCKING]deploy/undeploy fails after a deploy fails
  • [GLASSFISH-13672] - Invalid resource: jndiName=java:app/jdbc/jpa2cq__pm


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