Release Notes - glassfish - Version 9.0peur1_dev - HTML format


  • [GLASSFISH-586] - wsimport does not handle spaces in path
  • [GLASSFISH-591] - XML Catalog - Client Use Case
  • [GLASSFISH-601] - deployment on localized windows has problem
  • [GLASSFISH-621] - WSDL file locking again at redeploy time (and on Solaris)
  • [GLASSFISH-625] - Disabling http-listener gives 'connection refused' under ASyncStartup
  • [GLASSFISH-639] - During the test of JAX-WS Runtime exception : Service Class not generated as expected
  • [GLASSFISH-649] - Server get stopped during processing webservices
  • [GLASSFISH-709] - Multiple app clients in ear launched incorrectly via Java Web Start
  • [GLASSFISH-752] - Cannot deploy WS created from WSDL that imports another WSDL
  • [GLASSFISH-806] - wsgen fails at deployment when EJB 3.0 (ws impl class) uses classes of another module
  • [GLASSFISH-840] - App client launches using Java Web Start fail under Mustang
  • [GLASSFISH-844] - web-services sample does'nt work
  • [GLASSFISH-877] - WEB2651: Exceeded maximum depth for nested request dispatches: 20
  • [GLASSFISH-888] - Connection reset by peer accessing Admin UI and custom web apps (including OpenCMS)
  • [GLASSFISH-983] - FileCache can cause a memory leak
  • [GLASSFISH-1679] - SSL listener stopping in production after one about one hour on two servers
  • [GLASSFISH-2548] - different connections are given to application for a local tx datasource within a transaction
  • [GLASSFISH-3759] - NetBeans profiler cluster profile DAS interop issue

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