Release Notes - glassfish - Version 3.1.1_b02 - HTML format


  • [GLASSFISH-6701] - dynamic encryption key test case failed on AIX machine in cluster mode
  • [GLASSFISH-15925] - Cluster -> Resources tab: Should not include resources not included in the web distribution in the table dropdown
  • [GLASSFISH-16121] - Launcher Should Use Cluster Element for Token Resolution
  • [GLASSFISH-16257] - Glassfish error page should only be shown when sendError called (not setStatus)
  • [GLASSFISH-16266] - WARNING msg from undeploy is not available in the response thats returned
  • [GLASSFISH-16340] - Available Add-ons list provided by Admin GUI is not consistent with the one provided by updatetool
  • [GLASSFISH-16341] - Installation of additional packages via Admin GUI does not enforce incorporation packages version constraints
  • [GLASSFISH-16362] - Admin GUI and REST QL failures on AIX
  • [GLASSFISH-16364] - OSGI issue shown by Bean validator on AIX
  • [GLASSFISH-16369] - [BLOCKING] thrown when ran ssl redirectport test on AIX
  • [GLASSFISH-16370] - JSESSIONIDSSO cookie should have HttpOnly attribute by default
  • [GLASSFISH-16387] - Overriding EntityManagerFactoryReference incorrectly in web-fragment


  • [GLASSFISH-16338] - Allow secure admin to be enabled and disabled apart from cluster functionality

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