Release Notes - glassfish - Version 3.1.2_b08 - HTML format


  • [GLASSFISH-16566] - rotate-log is failing when user deletes log file by mistake
  • [GLASSFISH-16582] - GFLauncher is not fomatting record properly same as other log records
  • [GLASSFISH-16627] - delete-log-level command to be implemented and rest api access required
  • [GLASSFISH-17367] - Default JMS host ist set to "localhost", which cannot be resolved by appclient
  • [GLASSFISH-17419] - lib/applibs not created automatically for instances
  • [GLASSFISH-17499] - Uncaught NullPointerException during http.ProcessorTask.doProcess can break postProcess buffer cleanup
  • [GLASSFISH-17503] - Should throw exception rather than log a warning for incorrect configuration of security filters
  • [GLASSFISH-17512] - enable-secure-admin should fail if the admin password is null
  • [GLASSFISH-17539] - Timeout field under Protocol -> Http tab should allow negative number.
  • [GLASSFISH-17577] - [IBM JDK7]All the appclient related test cases failed on AIX against IBM JDK1.7
  • [GLASSFISH-19733] - OLH empty index.xml in causes OLH broken

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