Release Notes - glassfish - Version 4.0_b77 - HTML format


  • [GLASSFISH-13877] - Deadlock in GF when log level is set to FINE...
  • [GLASSFISH-17469] - IIOP Listener Network Address Setting Ignored
  • [GLASSFISH-17848] - Unable to use IIOP listener from local instances deployed into a local cluster
  • [GLASSFISH-18319] - validate-local-dcom needs documentation
  • [GLASSFISH-18388] - Useless text when creating custom resource
  • [GLASSFISH-18505] - OutOfMemory while uploading one file with the Vaading Upload component
  • [GLASSFISH-18711] - GlassFish cannot be started if an invalid value is set by set-log-attributes
  • [GLASSFISH-18799] - Admin gui can not save backward slash in a property.
  • [GLASSFISH-19552] - some wrong jars included in distro
  • [GLASSFISH-19645] - asadmin/nadmin help fails on some commands
  • [GLASSFISH-19670] - Unable to create domain after removing default domain and directory
  • [GLASSFISH-19682] - asadmin -v display extra characters
  • [GLASSFISH-19683] - classpath issue for javax.transaction-api.jar in
  • [GLASSFISH-19692] - javax.enterprise.concurrent-api.jar not referenced from Class-Path entry in javaee.jar MANIFEST


  • [GLASSFISH-19708] - version popup displays GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 4.0 ${version_suffix} (build 76)

New Feature

  • [GLASSFISH-19300] - Interceptors 1.2 - implement support for AroundConstruct callback
  • [GLASSFISH-19452] - Add support for looking up JNDI resources from java:comp when performing endpoint activation



  • [GLASSFISH-16219] - Document new one-letter options
  • [GLASSFISH-16732] - Prepare Doc for Watchdog option
  • [GLASSFISH-18764] - Add --force option to the manual docs of jms creating subCommands.
  • [GLASSFISH-18931] - configure-jms-cluster man page should be updated
  • [GLASSFISH-19343] - validate-multicast man page needs to be moved due to ValidateMulticast moving to a new module
  • [GLASSFISH-19426] - OHL and inline help needed for the 2 new properties added for file
  • [GLASSFISH-19478] - Document the --long and --header options for list-domains
  • [GLASSFISH-19510] - OLH : new logging attributes added to the logger screen
  • [GLASSFISH-19511] - OLH: deployment order added to the deployment and Edit App screen

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