Release Notes - glassfish - Version 4.0_b83 - HTML format


  • [GLASSFISH-18348] - Docs: tell users best practices for using asadmin --passwordfile
  • [GLASSFISH-18651] - the function in the command of the monitor isn't match to the manual(glassfish V4)
  • [GLASSFISH-18691] - Errors in create-jmsdest man page
  • [GLASSFISH-18950] - Cannot change log level in Log Viewer
  • [GLASSFISH-19350] - GlassFish admin GUI stores "+com.sun.webui.jsf.separator" as one of the selected cipher suites
  • [GLASSFISH-19685] - OLH: session-id-generator-classname is added back to the Web Container -> Manager Properties tab
  • [GLASSFISH-19694] - OLH: ensure OLH mentioned about the newly added UI for excludeFields
  • [GLASSFISH-19756] - [Batch RI] Job details are still persisted in JobRepository even after the application that submitted it was undeployed
  • [GLASSFISH-19788] - SDP reference in online command help
  • [GLASSFISH-19855] - [Batch RI] Start Time and End Time shows the same values for all Batch Jobs
  • [GLASSFISH-19856] - [Batch RI] getEndTime() of a Job which is running throws Null Pointer Exception
  • [GLASSFISH-19869] - Batch RI : Batch Exceptions : NoSuchJobExecutionException not thrown when restarting a job with non-existing executionId
  • [GLASSFISH-19897] - GlassFish installer needs to have updated "user information" messaging.
  • [GLASSFISH-19914] - BATCH RI: Abandoning a Job sets the StartTime of the Job execution to Current Time
  • [GLASSFISH-19915] - [508] Contents of the successful save details are not read out by Jaws Screen reader.
  • [GLASSFISH-19916] - Extend bean definining annotation to include EJBs
  • [GLASSFISH-19923] - Update Weld Bootstrap integration for CDI 1.1
  • [GLASSFISH-19957] - asadmin list-batch-job-executions with a wrong instance id throws null pointer exceptions
  • [GLASSFISH-19958] - BATCH CLI: asadmin batch command help docs should be synonymous with other commands help docs
  • [GLASSFISH-19976] - Usage for set-log-levels is not correct
  • [GLASSFISH-19988] - Batch Job Listing > description contains TBD
  • [GLASSFISH-20010] - In Face flows , views other than start node are not recognised
  • [GLASSFISH-20016] - Implement new deployment failure when resource type does not match object in jndi
  • [GLASSFISH-20053] - Batch RI: JobExecutionNotRunningException shows job instance id as execution id
  • [GLASSFISH-20056] - Failed to load admin console, when restarting the server from windows services.
  • [GLASSFISH-20062] - JSF CDI bug:
  • [GLASSFISH-20065] - Add support for rars and the jars they contain/access
  • [GLASSFISH-20077] - GF ORB issue with WRT Incorrect "chunking" of GIOP response from GlassFish v3.1.2.2 with JDK7
  • [GLASSFISH-20083] - Failing @Inject in CDI with REST integration
  • [GLASSFISH-20085] - Default Paths and File Names in Quick Start Guide
  • [GLASSFISH-20089] - Sniffer set up modules is: null
  • [GLASSFISH-20099] - [Fighterfish Test]adding a method in WebAppBundle class for GLASSFISH-18836 test
  • [GLASSFISH-20104] - Build error in JSF scrumtoys
  • [GLASSFISH-20107] - Display logical-jndi-name for Concurrency Resources
  • [GLASSFISH-20111] - Man page for osgi-shell subcommand is not found
  • [GLASSFISH-20114] - Tracking bug for cdi tck failure org.jboss.cdi.tck.tests.alternative.enterprise.resource.ResourceAlternativeAvailabilityTest
  • [GLASSFISH-20115] - Tracking bug for cdi tck failure for org.jboss.cdi.tck.tests.context.passivating.resource.dependency.ResourceIsPassivationCapableDependencyTest
  • [GLASSFISH-20117] - Tracking bug for cdi tck failure for org.jboss.cdi.tck.tests.implementation.simple.resource.persistenceContext.PersistenceContextInjectionTest
  • [GLASSFISH-20118] - Tracking bug for cdi tck failure for org.jboss.cdi.tck.tests.lookup.injectionpoint.broken.not.bean.InjectionPointTest
  • [GLASSFISH-20120] - BATCH RI: Partition Plan throws BatchContainerRuntimeException
  • [GLASSFISH-20125] - configure-ldap-for-admin command does not work
  • [GLASSFISH-20128] - In form authentication, the saved http request does not contain all the information
  • [GLASSFISH-20138] - [Regression] asadmin create-profiler and delete-profiler fails in build 82
  • [GLASSFISH-20147] - Weld issue w/r/t Flows
  • [GLASSFISH-20151] - Build failed in Hudson: gf-trunk-build-windows #5668
  • [GLASSFISH-20177] - An installed library with a beans.xml that is referenced by an app is not being included as a bda.
  • [GLASSFISH-20179] - 4.0 SDK: EJB samples need to be removed from Web Distribution
  • [GLASSFISH-20225] - Integrate JDK 7u17 into Java EE 7 SDK cobundles
  • [GLASSFISH-20243] - AdminGUI : Logical JNDI name option is not available
  • [GLASSFISH-20276] - [SDK]Java EE 7 sample-The Stateless Bean EJB Sample Application (Test Client)


  • [GLASSFISH-20050] - Support "system-all-req" object-type for default jdbc resource
  • [GLASSFISH-20087] - [osgi/javaee-test] Don't delete default resource - use set to change its pool name
  • [GLASSFISH-20108] - Add JavaSE-1.7 as a supported execution environment in

New Feature


  • [GLASSFISH-19227] - Update documentation for using deployment properties to decorate input archive
  • [GLASSFISH-19228] - Update documentation for using osgi command
  • [GLASSFISH-20109] - OLH for concurrency resources need to match

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