Release Notes - glassfish - Version 4.0_b86_RC2 - HTML format


  • [GLASSFISH-18454] - Autodeploy of an expanded war file behavior changed in 3.1.2
  • [GLASSFISH-19015] - set server-config.transaction-service.timeout-in-seconds
  • [GLASSFISH-19309] - EJB with mismatched local/remote views deploys successfully
  • [GLASSFISH-19732] - orb/orb-iiop module is active after server startup
  • [GLASSFISH-19896] - must close validator and validator factory at application undeploy
  • [GLASSFISH-19983] - German Language not recognized in Admin UI and Server
  • [GLASSFISH-19987] - Getting insecure content from
  • [GLASSFISH-20014] - Japanese L10N: Almost all translations are ignored
  • [GLASSFISH-20078] - Integration CDI test failures in 1.1.0.CR4 TCK
  • [GLASSFISH-20079] - Integration EE test failures in 1.1.0.CR4 TCK
  • [GLASSFISH-20110] - RARE Restart Server|Domain client-side reporting failures - RACE condition
  • [GLASSFISH-20157] - common tasks applications throws error
  • [GLASSFISH-20192] - ADMINGUI : Load default does not change the deployment order value
  • [GLASSFISH-20207] - Product msg page at the bottom of common task page using https causes many issues on IE 10
  • [GLASSFISH-20238] - uptake hk2 2.1.80
  • [GLASSFISH-20240] - MDB XML Definition Fails
  • [GLASSFISH-20262] - set of modular config bean (ConfigExtension) doesn't automatically create config
  • [GLASSFISH-20264] - BATCH CLI: asadmin list-batch-job-executions with some string operands shows no error message
  • [GLASSFISH-20283] - Concurrent Resource Section in Admin UI in German?
  • [GLASSFISH-20314] - [SDK]Java EE 7 sample-The Threads Concurrency Sample Application(Documentation issue)
  • [GLASSFISH-20325] - SFSB passivation fails with NotSerializableException: org.jboss.weld.context.ejb.EjbRequestContextImpl
  • [GLASSFISH-20331] - [Batch CLI] NPE thrown out when start the domain
  • [GLASSFISH-20332] - @PreDestroy not called on Application subclass in GlassFish 4 build 83
  • [GLASSFISH-20333] - Stray package prototype file included in GlassFish distribution
  • [GLASSFISH-20335] - [BATCH RI] PartitionedStepControllerImpl is one-off when retrieving work from parallelBatchWorkUnits
  • [GLASSFISH-20351] - Uptake Weld 2.0.0.CR4
  • [GLASSFISH-20352] - Integrate JDK 7u21 into Java EE 7 SDK cobundles
  • [GLASSFISH-20353] - Login failed: unable to find LoginModule class:
  • [GLASSFISH-20354] - EJBException thrown in JAXRS resource that's also an EJB bean is sometimes consumed by CDI
  • [GLASSFISH-20361] - ml build missing localized woodstock jars
  • [GLASSFISH-20366] - [Regression] thread is not starting with an interrupted status.
  • [GLASSFISH-20367] - [Regression] MES object and MSES object continuosly keep on throwing RejectedExecutionException for succesive submission if once same exception is encountered.
  • [GLASSFISH-20369] - The I/O streams should be closed before resuming since they might not be available after resume in upgrade.
  • [GLASSFISH-20375] - JNDI does not work in HttpUpgradeHandler#init and ReadListener#onDataAvailable, etc
  • [GLASSFISH-20389] - endpointDeactivation not called for during MDB undeployment for MDB's with no resource-adapter-mid specified
  • [GLASSFISH-20394] - NPE in RelativePathResolver
  • [GLASSFISH-20397] - CLI prints NullPointerException when remote server returns 500 with unknown data
  • [GLASSFISH-20401] - Cannot get ValidationFactory if CDI is disabled.
  • [GLASSFISH-20403] - stop standalone connectors after stopping all other applications during server shutdown
  • [GLASSFISH-20409] - EJB container resolved during server startup



  • [GLASSFISH-20404] - bypass NamedNamingObjectManager when BeanManager not enabled

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