Release Notes - glassfish - Version 4.0_b88_RC4 - HTML format


  • [GLASSFISH-18650] - Memory leak with tag-files and CDI enabled
  • [GLASSFISH-20028] - 4.0 deployment performance - ejb container module get loaded for a pure web application
  • [GLASSFISH-20092] - Expression Language 3.0 issues
  • [GLASSFISH-20308] - Unable to Deploy JAX-RS Restful Application Class Not Found JsonStructureBodyReader
  • [GLASSFISH-20317] - JASPIC 1.1's new register session doesn't work
  • [GLASSFISH-20418] - xJCL invalid per schema, see SysOut for now for details
  • [GLASSFISH-20428] - [Regression] BATCH CLI: asadmin list-batch-job-executions or list-batch-steps with an operand value returns IllegalArgumentException
  • [GLASSFISH-20431] - Need glassfish-all javadocs
  • [GLASSFISH-20440] - [BATCH RI] Batch Runtime fails to call listeners for partitioned steps
  • [GLASSFISH-20441] - JMSContext cannot be injected in a @SessionScoped bean
  • [GLASSFISH-20449] - Unable to use jsp .tag files when there are session beans in the web application (WAR)
  • [GLASSFISH-20452] - [Regression] Client test was not able to load persistence api through javaee.jar during compilation on GF web distribution
  • [GLASSFISH-20456] - Eclipselink 2.5 fails to parse JPQL query involving embedded maps
  • [GLASSFISH-20461] - embedded glassfish bundles wrong version of CDI-api
  • [GLASSFISH-20466] - Standard JMS Activation Configs Don't Work
  • [GLASSFISH-20472] - GMBAL 4.0.0-b001 integration
  • [GLASSFISH-20478] - PSR:FUNC Unable to deploy WebServices application: Illegal Class loader binding
  • [GLASSFISH-20479] - JPA 2.1: select where mystr<>'' also returns zero-length strings

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