Release Notes - jsr-283 - Version early draft - HTML format


  • [JSR_283-145] - Provide source path in COPY/MOVE events
  • [JSR_283-161] - Discussion of the mix:linkable (MF4 and MF5) multi-filing proposals
  • [JSR_283-163] - Clarify multiple attribute on property defs
  • [JSR_283-167] - Add LabelExistsVersionException to addVersionLabel
  • [JSR_283-171] - add a RangeIterator.moreThan method
  • [JSR_283-172] - clarify that getNodes returns all accessible nodes
  • [JSR_283-175] - Clarify that there can be no gaps in the SNS indices
  • [JSR_283-178] - incorrect definition of jcr:created (nt:hierarchyNode)
  • [JSR_283-182] - UnsupportedNodeTypeException to NodeTypeManager.registerNodeType


  • [JSR_283-33] - Workspace.clone, move, copy should return modified/created nodes
  • [JSR_283-41] - Value.equals implies state-changing implementation
  • [JSR_283-79] - PropertyDefinition: handling default values if req. type is UNDEFINED
  • [JSR_283-119] - Extend Property.getNode to PATH properties
  • [JSR_283-132] - Provide Multi-filing solution for ECM repositories
  • [JSR_283-162] - allow single values for value constraints of number types
  • [JSR_283-164] - nt:unstructured and residual property defs
  • [JSR_283-168] - Add leave-checked-out option to checkin
  • [JSR_283-170] - Add description of NodeIterator and PropertyIterator to spec
  • [JSR_283-173] - Support multiple property definitions for a specific name
  • [JSR_283-174] - Define Lock.isSessionScoped() optional if Session is not lock holder

New Feature


  • [JSR_283-1] - platform for eg collaboration
  • [JSR_283-106] - Draft Access Control Proposal
  • [JSR_283-109] - Draft Namespace Remapping Proposal
  • [JSR_283-155] - Discussion of the nt:link (MF3) multi-filing proposal

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