Release Notes - imageio-ext - Version 1.2-M0 - HTML format


  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-2] - EnhancedRandomAccessFile does not respect endianess when writing doubles and longs.
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-9] - Tiff plugin onProcess problems
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-10] - Exception with jai_imageio installed in java System lib
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-12] - Fix writing of IndexColorModel images (TIFF)
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-15] - GdalImageReaderSPI may leave files open on decode
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-23] - EnhancedRandomAccessFile leaves endOfFile true
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-24] - Align the Utilities.UrlToFile method to the same one contained on GeoTools's DataUtilities
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-32] - clean cached properties on reset
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-40] - UnsatisfiedLinkError thrown by GDALUtilities.isDriverAvailable


  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-1] - provide better implementation for readerAsRenderedImage method
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-11] - Improve FileImageInputStreamExtImpl close management
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-20] - Consider exposing band statistics in our metadata model
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-22] - Handle all the different reader/readerSPI within a single SPI
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-26] - CADRG RPFTOC support missing in imageio-ext
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-30] - Add more write parameters support on Kakadu Writer
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-31] - reduce the amount of progress report invokations (increase the progress step size)
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-34] - Create super interface for stream that want to expose their target structure
  • [IMAGEIO_EXT-38] - Improving GDAL support


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