Release Notes - yggdrasil - Version milestone 1 - HTML format


  • [YGGDRASIL-6] - local event handling on Gateway
  • [YGGDRASIL-7] - sensorwebhandler hanging connection
  • [YGGDRASIL-8] - Use of LONG must be changed to something else.
  • [YGGDRASIL-9] - Allow flexible MySQL table and column names
  • [YGGDRASIL-10] - Create a separate development branch for SensorNetwork
  • [YGGDRASIL-11] - Fix the Google API Key issue with spotnet
  • [YGGDRASIL-12] - Need x/y axis for the plots on the pop-ups from SPOTnet
  • [YGGDRASIL-13] - Improve application output
  • [YGGDRASIL-14] - BaseStation runs out of heap space and stops accepting any more samples.
  • [YGGDRASIL-15] - Subversion repository Checkout fails on Mac
  • [YGGDRASIL-16] - Rules of declaring values are not clear


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