Release Notes - java3d - Version 1.4.0 - HTML format


  • [JAVA3D-17] - DirectX GraphicsConfiguration Issue
  • [JAVA3D-67] - Transparency mode update didn't get reflected correctly.
  • [JAVA3D-78] - Rendering stops if there's an exception in the EventDispatchThread
  • [JAVA3D-116] - Handling of picking on OrientatedShape3D needs clarification
  • [JAVA3D-167] - Transform3D reports matrix with NaN to be affine
  • [JAVA3D-169] - TextureLoader should throw an exception instead of printing cryptic message to System.err
  • [JAVA3D-170] - TextureLoader should throw exception when loading image
  • [JAVA3D-175] - OffScreenRendering: Issue with Updating Texture Size from Behavior
  • [JAVA3D-176] - SceneGraphFileReader cannot read from URLs
  • [JAVA3D-181] - Performance regression: j3d.optimizeForSpace=false ignored for some geometry
  • [JAVA3D-182] - ShaderProgram not implemented for immediate mode rendering
  • [JAVA3D-184] - Illegal return value if flag NODE is omitted
  • [JAVA3D-186] - Using new Pick API with PickSegment often returns null
  • [JAVA3D-195] - Finish CgShader vertex attributes native methods
  • [JAVA3D-196] - Finish CgShader shader attributes native methods
  • [JAVA3D-199] - New Picking system only return 1 result per geometry
  • [JAVA3D-201] - D3D : UnsatisfiedLinkError encountered with closing windows
  • [JAVA3D-203] - System.currentTimeMillis is too inaccurate on Windows for fine-grained timing
  • [JAVA3D-207] - throws exception with leading \n
  • [JAVA3D-212] - PureImmediate test fails to rotate
  • [JAVA3D-223] - JVM crashes when execute IndexedGeometryArray object with Texture coordinates


  • [JAVA3D-141] - DirectX 9.0c for Java3D 1.4
  • [JAVA3D-185] - "Missing" essential methods in IntersectionInfo
  • [JAVA3D-190] - Need to modify all of Java 3D off-screen example programs to request a single-buffered graphics Configuration
  • [JAVA3D-198] - Need more shader example programs
  • [JAVA3D-202] - Need to upgrade to latest glext.h header file
  • [JAVA3D-217] - Compile j3d with "-g:lines,source" to provide line numbers on stack traces


  • [JAVA3D-208] - Sound nodes cannot be placed below Switch groups

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