Release Notes - swingx - Version 1.6.5-1 - HTML format


  • [SWINGX-1513] - JRendererCheckBox: setting opacity to false has no effect
  • [SWINGX-1514] - Regression - WrappingProvider/Panel: background on icon even if not highlighted
  • [SWINGX-1518] - JXPanel: umbrella issue for paint problems
  • [SWINGX-1536] - ListSortUI calling method with wrong argument
  • [SWINGX-1545] - JXPanel: painting breaks backwards compatibility for Synth-based LAFs
  • [SWINGX-1546] - Regression: JRendererCheckbox doesn't paint background for synth-based lafs

New Feature

  • [SWINGX-1524] - Please support swingx <-> swingx-ws interaction

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