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  • [XADISK-119] - Wrong exception thrown by XADiskBasicIOOperations.getFileLength for missing file
  • [XADISK-120] - fileExists throws InsufficientPermissionOnFileException
  • [XADISK-145] - Add a mechanism to cleanup lock related data-structures for files/directories (eg LockTreeNode).
  • [XADISK-148] - In case of rollback, transactionSubmittedBuffers is not freed from the transaction entry.
  • [XADISK-152] - When using clustering, the sessions do not close connections to the master concurrency control.
  • [XADISK-154] - Transaction log may not get deleted even after all of its related transactions' completion.
  • [XADISK-155] - XAResourceImpl does not honor the timeout value of 0 in setTransactionTimeout.
  • [XADISK-160] - ConcurrentModificationException in TransactionVirtualView.updateDescendantVVDsWithPrefix.
  • [XADISK-161] - In directory move case, all the descendants of the "src" directory should be removed from directoriesToForce list.
  • [XADISK-163] - XASystemNoMoreAvailableException: The XADisk instance has encoutered a critial issue and is no more available
  • [XADISK-164] - NullPointerException in NativeSession
  • [XADISK-165] - PointOfContact may not get released for cluster's master node.
  • [XADISK-166] - Never use workManager without a workListener.
  • [XADISK-167] - The backup file creation needs a better mechanism with practical upper-bounds.
  • [XADISK-168] - Interleaving of GatheringDiskWriter's submitBuffer and writeBuffersToTransactionLog causing NPE.
  • [XADISK-171] - instead of returning a 0-255 int value, returns byte.


  • [XADISK-146] - CrashRecovery silently fails on error during recoverHeavyWriteTransactionsForRollback
  • [XADISK-159] - In NativeXAFileOutputStream.write, replace the recursive call to write with a loop.
  • [XADISK-169] - When moving directory across file-systems fails, provide the possible reason.

New Feature

  • [XADISK-18] - Lock timeout functionality for directory pinning.
  • [XADISK-50] - Implement the createSymbolicLink function
  • [XADISK-51] - implement createPropertiesFile function
  • [XADISK-53] - implement the delete recursive
  • [XADISK-81] - Provide an i/o interface for random read/write, by extending


  • [XADISK-48] - Write some tests for performance measurements.
  • [XADISK-54] - Refactor the entire projet to use the standard maven layout
  • [XADISK-55] - add junit dependency and write the main xadisk unit and integration tests
  • [XADISK-56] - Move all not junit test classes to junit

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