Release Notes - xadisk - Version 1.2.1 - HTML format


  • [XADISK-94] - Relative path for XADisk System Directory (xaDiskHome) may generate NullPointerException
  • [XADISK-96] - UNC Paths (\\host\shared-folder\) giving InsufficientPermissionOnFileException for some cases.
  • [XADISK-99] - InsufficientPermissionOnFileException is thrown even for cases when an ancestor directory does not exist.
  • [XADISK-105] - Should document this - "Proxy objects for a remote xadisk instance cannot be shared by multiple threads."
  • [XADISK-106] - XADiskResourceAdapter violates JCA Spec Section 19.4.2
  • [XADISK-107] - It takes too long to delete a file from a folder that contains large amount of files
  • [XADISK-108] - fileExists and fileExistsAndIsDirectory acquire lock over the parent directory, instead of the file/dir itself.
  • [XADISK-110] - Lock acquisition methods reset the interrupt flag before returning
  • [XADISK-111] - Deadlock/Timeout detectors may send interrupt to a thread even outside lock acquisition methods.
  • [XADISK-113] - During crash recovery, redo of directory creation operation should not delete the existing directory tree.
  • [XADISK-114] - The paratertype while invoking mep.onMessage remotely, for DirectoryModificationEvent, should be FileSystemStateChangeEvent.


  • [XADISK-80] - Document the concurrency control (locking) details for concurrent transactions in XADisk.
  • [XADISK-93] - Checkpointing done during move and copy operations can be optimized.
  • [XADISK-97] - DurableDiskSession ignores return value of "forceDirectoryHierarchy" during method "setupDirectorySynchronization".
  • [XADISK-102] - File system events for directory modifications should also contain the name of the child object.
  • [XADISK-103] - Maintain lastModified date when performing a move operation
  • [XADISK-109] - FileIOUtility methods can return earlier when an interrupt is detected.
  • [XADISK-112] - In class NativeSession, list of srcFilesCopied will not get cleared for some cases.

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