Release Notes - xadisk - Version 1.2.2 - HTML format


  • [XADISK-76] - Moving a file with xADiskConnection.moveFile(...) gets stuck if fails
  • [XADISK-98] - Safe close FileInput/OutputStreams
  • [XADISK-115] - JBoss 7.1 expects #run() and #release to be explicitly declared
  • [XADISK-116] - Using[]...) throws ClassCastException when using remote invocation to XADisk.
  • [XADISK-118] - NullPonterExcepton when listing file
  • [XADISK-121] - moveFile fails with java.lang.AssertionError
  • [XADISK-122] - NullPointerException on transaction completion when timeout has been detected
  • [XADISK-123] - FileNotFoundException if file is stored on a NFS-Server different to the xaDiskHome (XADiskSystemDirectory)
  • [XADISK-125] - ConcurrentModificationException over txnBuffers in class GatheringDiskWriter
  • [XADISK-128] - NativeXAFileInputStream skip method throws an unexpected IllegalArgumentException with message "New position cannot be negative or more than file size"
  • [XADISK-131] - xadisk should not allow creation of sessions after it has been shutdown
  • [XADISK-132] - XADisk hangs on commit after directory delete and recreate
  • [XADISK-133] - time-out on long transaction gives no indication in ClosedStreamException
  • [XADISK-135] - Remove class-path entry from the manifest file.
  • [XADISK-140] - Resource leak in XADisk NIO TCP Server
  • [XADISK-141] - In GatheringDiskWriter, method writeRemainingBuffersNow should wait for processEvent to complete.
  • [XADISK-142] - close() method should be called on the corresponding stream instead of the FileChannel.


  • [XADISK-124] - Performance in invoking methods of remote instances

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