Release Notes - jms-spec - Version 2.0ED - HTML format


  • [JMS_SPEC-27] - Clarify the relationship between the JMS and other Java EE specifications
  • [JMS_SPEC-33] - Improving the JMS API with API simplifications, annotations and CDI
  • [JMS_SPEC-34] - Calling setJMSDeliveryMode or setJMSPriority on a javax.jms.Message before it is sent don't have any effect
  • [JMS_SPEC-39] - Make clientId optional when creating a durable subscription
  • [JMS_SPEC-42] - Make support for JMSXDeliveryCount mandatory
  • [JMS_SPEC-43] - New API to send a message with async acknowledgement from server
  • [JMS_SPEC-44] - New API to specify delivery delay
  • [JMS_SPEC-45] - Clarify and improve Connection.createSession
  • [JMS_SPEC-48] - Specify that connection.stop() or close() may not be called from a MessageListener
  • [JMS_SPEC-49] - Improve specification of ExceptionListener
  • [JMS_SPEC-50] - Clarify that JMS providers must implement both P2P and Pub-Sub
  • [JMS_SPEC-51] - New methods to replace Session.createDurableSubscriber() and return a MessageConsumer
  • [JMS_SPEC-52] - Clarify that a message may be sent using a different session from that used to create the message
  • [JMS_SPEC-53] - Make Connection and other interfaces implement AutoCloseable
  • [JMS_SPEC-65] - Clarify use of NoLocal arg when using createDurableSubscriber

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