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  • [JMS_SPEC-77] - MapMessage.setBytes API discrepancy found in the javadocs
  • [JMS_SPEC-78] - JMS implementation of QueueRequestor and TopicRequestor doesn't throw correct exception when destination is null
  • [JMS_SPEC-80] - Error in example "Reconnect to a topic using a durable subscription"
  • [JMS_SPEC-98] - Fix findbugs warnings in JMSException, JMSRuntimeException, QueueRequestor, TopicRequestor


  • [JMS_SPEC-31] - change javadoc on session.createQueue and createTopic to make clearer the provider may create a physical destination
  • [JMS_SPEC-33] - Improving the JMS API with API simplifications, annotations and CDI
  • [JMS_SPEC-40] - Allow multiple consumers to be created on the same topic subscription
  • [JMS_SPEC-43] - New API to send a message with async acknowledgement from server
  • [JMS_SPEC-44] - New API to specify delivery delay
  • [JMS_SPEC-64] - Define simplified JMS API
  • [JMS_SPEC-70] - Define annotations for injecting MessagingContext objects
  • [JMS_SPEC-82] - Clarify definition of JMSExpiration, replacing GMT with UTC
  • [JMS_SPEC-93] - Does changing the noLocal flag when connecting to a durable subscription cause the durable subscription to be deleted?
  • [JMS_SPEC-94] - Define what characters are valid in a durable (or shared subscription) name
  • [JMS_SPEC-96] - Define Java EE JMS Destination Definition annotation and descriptor elements
  • [JMS_SPEC-97] - Define Java EE JMS Connection Factory Definition annotation and descriptor elements
  • [JMS_SPEC-102] - Make JMSConsumer.receivePayload methods consistent with Message.getBody
  • [JMS_SPEC-106] - Methods on JMSContext that are disallowed if the context is injected should throw a IllegalStateException not a JMSException

New Feature

  • [JMS_SPEC-101] - New methods Message.getBody(Class<T> c) and isBodyAssignableTo(Class c)
  • [JMS_SPEC-105] - Provide API to allow an app server or resource adapter to obtain a XAResource from a JMSContext
  • [JMS_SPEC-107] - Extend connection consumer API to support shared durable and non-durable subscriptions

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