Release Notes - jms-spec - Version 2.0FD - HTML format


  • [JMS_SPEC-30] - Define mandatory activation config properties clientId and subscriptionName
  • [JMS_SPEC-54] - Define a standard way to configure the destination on which a JMS MDB consumes messages
  • [JMS_SPEC-55] - Define a standard way to configure the connection factory used by a JMS MDB to consume messages
  • [JMS_SPEC-81] - Remove Change History for previous versions from the specification
  • [JMS_SPEC-87] - Section 2.5 "Interfaces" needs updating to introduce the simplified API
  • [JMS_SPEC-114] - Clarify javadoc descriptions of XAQueueConnection#createSession and XATopicSession#createSession

New Feature

  • [JMS_SPEC-69] - Clarify that QueueRequestor and TopicRequestor only work in a non-transacted session with auto or dups-ok ack
  • [JMS_SPEC-115] - Remove the statement that portable applications should only have one consumer per queue

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