Release Notes - javamoney - Version 1.0 - HTML format


  • [JAVAMONEY-72] - Harmonize Static Inner Builder classes with Builder pattern/JDK
  • [JAVAMONEY-74] - Who uses RoundingContext.KEY_ROUNDING_NAME outside same package?
  • [JAVAMONEY-76] - Possible problem in IMF Exchange
  • [JAVAMONEY-79] - Difficult to add a markup to FX rate
  • [JAVAMONEY-82] - Parent POM of RI (1.0-RC1) not in codebase, differs from TCK
  • [JAVAMONEY-83] - Change key type in Contexts/Queries to String
  • [JAVAMONEY-88] - Money.of() and FastMoney.of() documented wrongly in JavaDoc and tests
  • [JAVAMONEY-92] - Format pattern for decimal digits is ignored
  • [JAVAMONEY-94] - Avoid "magic strings" when building MonetaryAmountFormat
  • [JAVAMONEY-98] - AbstractAmountBuilder#create() broken error messages


  • [JAVAMONEY-87] - Remove ECBHistoric90RateProvider class
  • [JAVAMONEY-89] - Remove setTimestamp/getTimestamp from API
  • [JAVAMONEY-91] - Rename all getXXXContext() to getContext()
  • [JAVAMONEY-99] - Mismatch between Name and ID in DefaultRoundingProvider


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