Release Notes - tyrus - Version 1.0-b11 - HTML format


  • [TYRUS-42] - Method not invoked if String and byte[] payloads are used as parameters
  • [TYRUS-53] - Remove redundant log statements from server.log
  • [TYRUS-61] - Session.getNegotiatedExtensions implementation
  • [TYRUS-67] - Log level of various messages + NPE in GF logs
  • [TYRUS-72] - Handle runtime errors in EndpointWrapper
  • [TYRUS-74] - Programmatioc endpoint deployment does not work
  • [TYRUS-78] - Review samples - Draw and Auction are not working; + refactoring needed
  • [TYRUS-80] - org.glassfish.tyrus.server.Server doesn't report a deployment error when changing the optional @WebSocketOpen String to Integer.
  • [TYRUS-82] - Reader support
  • [TYRUS-83] - InputStream support
  • [TYRUS-85] - Message sent during onOpen (@WebSocketOpen) is not sent

New Feature

  • [TYRUS-26] - CDI integration
  • [TYRUS-27] - EJB integration
  • [TYRUS-36] - Implement correct lifecycle of endpoints, encoders, decoders


  • [TYRUS-28] - Use CDI extension mechanism to enable injection of CDI-managed beans to web socket endpoints
  • [TYRUS-29] - Enable injection of types defined by the spec (Session, ServerContainer, websocket endpoints?, etc.) using CDI.
  • [TYRUS-30] - Investigate the EJB integration (look at how Jersey does it)
  • [TYRUS-31] - Implementation

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