Release Notes - tyrus - Version 1.0-b12 - HTML format


  • [TYRUS-51] - Encoding binary return types is throwing EncodeException
  • [TYRUS-73] - Session object coming as the parameter in @WebSocketClose annotated method is null
  • [TYRUS-89] - Implement the Encodeers/Decoders lifecycle as a new instance per connection (spec API 12)
  • [TYRUS-91] - connectToServer creates 2 SessionImpl instances
  • [TYRUS-92] - auction doesn't alwyas start in auction sample shipped with Tyrus sources
  • [TYRUS-93] - ClientEndpoint session.getRequestURI()==null
  • [TYRUS-95] - Default port not parsed correctly when connecting to a server
  • [TYRUS-97] - Method annotated with @WebSocketMessage with return type Float (generally primitive wrapper) is not deployed
  • [TYRUS-98] - Return messages are dropped if websocket.send is called multiple times
  • [TYRUS-101] - CloseReason not propagated to server side (when close() initiated from client)
  • [TYRUS-105] - A @WebSocket Message with arguments (String, boolean) does not return any value

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