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  • [TYRUS-50] - BlockingBinaryTest receiving chunks out of order
  • [TYRUS-60] - Proper HandshakeRequest implementation
  • [TYRUS-62] - ServerEndpointConfiguration.modifyHandshake
  • [TYRUS-66] - Fix 404 reporting on the client side
  • [TYRUS-104] - session should raise IllegalStateException when Session.getRemote() called on a closed session
  • [TYRUS-108] - first request sometimes doesn't return anything
  • [TYRUS-118] - Update javaee7 websocket samples to latest websocket-api (preferrably 1.0-rc1)
  • [TYRUS-120] - server.MessageHandler.Basic<InputStream> receives 1 byte when a 2k object from client is sent
  • [TYRUS-121] - Some CloseCode not supported.
  • [TYRUS-127] - maxMessageSize: looks like this annotation does not work properly on the client side
  • [TYRUS-131] - implement all setable buffer sizes.
  • [TYRUS-132] - NPE thrown when passing subprotocols in both client and server endpoint annotation
  • [TYRUS-134] - Add check for arguments of connectToServer method
  • [TYRUS-135] - Session.getNegotiatedSubprotocol() returns null even in case negotiotion is possible
  • [TYRUS-140] - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Text messageHandler not found. on server endpoint
  • [TYRUS-141] - Session.getNegotiatedSubprotocol() returns null instead of empty String as stated in javadoc
  • [TYRUS-143] - Update to WebSocket API 1.0-rc2
  • [TYRUS-144] - [perf] Session.getOpenSessions() API hogs cpu cycles
  • [TYRUS-145] - Expanded war build structure of samples is not created correctly
  • [TYRUS-148] - Random errors on server endpoints creates no response
  • [TYRUS-150] - abstract classes extending Endpoint should result in warning only, not a severe execption
  • [TYRUS-152] - Session.isSecure() method returns incorrect value (false) for secure websocket connections

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