Release Notes - tyrus - Version 1.0-rc1 - HTML format


  • [TYRUS-130] - Implement all setable timeouts
  • [TYRUS-138] - [perf] Asynchronous send message doesn't work and keeps spawning threads for send completion callback
  • [TYRUS-158] - UriMatching algorithm prefers /{b} over /a
  • [TYRUS-159] - Check path when registering new endpoint.
  • [TYRUS-161] - My WebSocket application failed to deploy.
  • [TYRUS-163] - maxMessageSize is not honored after an incorrect message size is sent once
  • [TYRUS-164] - My WebSocket application failed to deploy.


  • [TYRUS-129] - Refactor SessionImpl (all logic should idelly be at EndpointWrapper level)

New Feature

  • [TYRUS-57] - Support dynamic deployment
  • [TYRUS-162] - Provide a Bom POM, to facilitate consumption of tyrus artifacts


  • [TYRUS-142] - Implement timeout on RemoteEndpoint

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