Release Notes - tyrus - Version 1.1 - HTML format


  • [TYRUS-149] - Exception on client
  • [TYRUS-172] - onOpen on client side is called twice
  • [TYRUS-176] - connectToServer returning before connection is complete
  • [TYRUS-180] - Impossible to override Origin header using the Java Client
  • [TYRUS-181] - WebSocket client ignores the ProxySelector
  • [TYRUS-186] - Session.getRequestURI() does not include the query string
  • [TYRUS-187] - Session.getRequestParameterMap() is always empty
  • [TYRUS-188] - [PERF] WebSocket client library creates too many threads per connection
  • [TYRUS-192] - ServerEndpoint creates Session on #2 after #1 attempt got forced close()
  • [TYRUS-198] - Implement TyrusHttpUpgradeHandler#destroy()
  • [TYRUS-203] - the value associated to @PathParam is not correct
  • [TYRUS-205] - ServerEndpointConfig.Configurator#getNegotiatedSubprotocol does not return subprotocol in the order they were requested by the client
  • [TYRUS-212] - Closing the Session in @OnOpen method blocks the whole HTTP server


  • [TYRUS-177] - Improve sending data via OutputStream
  • [TYRUS-178] - Improve ReaderBuffer peformance
  • [TYRUS-179] - Improve InputStreamBuffer's thread usage
  • [TYRUS-191] - Tyrus client side WebSocket pulls in tyrus-server.jar
  • [TYRUS-194] - Provide API for setting worker/selector thread pool on client side
  • [TYRUS-200] - [client] Provide facility for thread factory (worker & selector thread)
  • [TYRUS-202] - Implement sending of message via OutputStream allowing sending last fragment without any payload

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