Release Notes - tyrus - Version 1.2 - HTML format


  • [TYRUS-106] - Add tests for sending async messages (text/binary/object)
  • [TYRUS-154] - wss urls connecting without security
  • [TYRUS-197] - Refactor user guide
  • [TYRUS-199] - ServletOutputStream is used in a thread unsafe manner
  • [TYRUS-206] - CDI sample tests fail when run more that once.
  • [TYRUS-207] - ClientEndpointConfig.Configurator#beforeRequest passes only first value of list<String> in headers to server endpoint
  • [TYRUS-208] - HandshakeRequest.getHeaders is not readonly
  • [TYRUS-209] - ServerEndpointConfig.Configurator#checkOrigin HTTP status code
  • [TYRUS-211] - HandshakeRequest.getParameterMap is not umodifiable
  • [TYRUS-215] - TextDecoder is used no matter that willDecode() returns false
  • [TYRUS-216] - Incorrect use of ByteBuffer.array() in sendBinary(ByteBuffer)
  • [TYRUS-218] - Unable to reject large messages
  • [TYRUS-219] - Client not able to handle big incoming messages.


  • [TYRUS-189] - Use Servlet 3.1's NIO API for writing websocket messages
  • [TYRUS-210] - Decoder.willDecode() is called twice for every message.
  • [TYRUS-217] - Session.setMaxIdleTimeout() creates a new timer thread per session

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