[ADFEMG-13] JDeveloper don't show correct query in ViewCriteria editor Created: 05/Apr/12  Updated: 06/Feb/13  Resolved: 06/Feb/13

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Win7 64Bit, JDK 1.6.0, JDev

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Tags: 11-1-2-1-0, bug_awaiting_internal_feedback


JDeveloper version :
WebLogic Server version : 10.3.5 with patches
impact level : low
why : annoying
summary :
JDeveloper don't show the correct query or where clause in the ViewCriteria editor when defining or editing a ViewCriteria for a ViewObject.
When you create a new criteria both check boxes 'Ignore Case' and 'Ignore NULL Values' are checked (for applicable attributes). However, the 'View Object Where Clause' omits the parts of the where clause once you close the dialog and open it again.
The where clause of a typical ViewCriteria with 'Ignore Case' should read like
(UPPER(Employees.LAST_NAME) LIKE UPPER( :bindLN || '%') )
but reads
((Employees.LAST_NAME LIKE (:bindLN || '%'))

The query is executed with the missing where clause parts!

This is running in and (did not check
(See also my blog http://tompeez.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/jdeveloper-case-insensitive-search-and-performance/)

Comment by Timo_Hahn [ 05/Apr/12 ]

SR 3-5553881391 opened for this bug

Comment by Timo_Hahn [ 08/Apr/12 ]

As a result of the SR
has been created

Comment by chriscmuir [ 10/Apr/12 ]

Confirmed bug submitted. Not yet triaged by internal support (and not expecting so immediately over Easter break ... give it a few more days).

Comment by fnimphiu [ 17/Apr/12 ]

I see the bug being reproduced with internal builds of 11g R2 as well, So there is progress on this. Seems that 12c builds don't have this problem.

Comment by Jan Vervecken [ 17/Apr/12 ]

hi Timo

Just wanted to confirm some aspects of the issue you describe.
Whatever the value for the Ignore Case checkbox, the UPPER() function is not shown in the where clause at design-time.
At run-time however this seems to behave as configured.
see also the screencast at http://screencast.com/t/wO9XozqbNdZ

Jan Vervecken

Comment by Jan Vervecken [ 05/May/12 ]

I wonder why bug 13932370 got "Status 35 - To Filer for Review" yesterday (May 4, 2012)?

Comment by Timo_Hahn [ 05/May/12 ]

Thanks for pointing this out Jan, looks like support has put a fix version number (12.1.2) on this issue. That, I guess, is the reason for the status change.
I've not heard from support officially on this and don't expect so as the SR its closed already.
May be Chris or Frank can shed some light on this.

Comment by chriscmuir [ 06/May/12 ]

As copied straight from the internal bug:

@ This functionality works as expected on the MAIN branch, but is verified as
@ incorrect on the 11.1.2 branch. Also works ok on 11.1.1.* series. If you
@ need this fixed for (has not been scheduled yet) please file a
@ backport request.

Ah, the fun of having 3 branches of JDev. As such it's as Frank says, the issue is in the 11.1.2.X branch but should be absent from and the eventual 12c branch. If a fix is critical please lodge a backport request.

At this time as this is the equivalent of a scheduled fix (12c) I believe we can just sit on this one and wait.


Comment by Timo_Hahn [ 06/May/12 ]

Thanks for the update Chris.
Now you only have to reveal the release date for 12c to make us all happy

Comment by chriscmuir [ 06/Feb/13 ]

I've confirmed this issue has been resolved in an internal 12c build. I'll close this issue at this time so I don't have to keep on tracking it. However if the problem returns please reopen the issue.

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