[GLASSFISH-16726] Instance can't be deleted from GUI or CLI Created: 24/May/11  Updated: 20/Dec/16  Due: 25/May/11

Status: Open
Project: glassfish
Component/s: admin
Affects Version/s: 3.1.1_dev
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Bug Priority: Minor
Reporter: li.wu Assignee: Joe Di Pol
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OS: Windows 7 w/64bit JDK 7
Server locale:zh_CN
Bundle: java_ee_sdk-6u3-web-b05-jdk7-windows-x64-ml.exe
Browser: Firefox3.6

Attachments: JPEG File delete_error.jpg     JPEG File instance_cmd.jpg     JPEG File instance_cmd2.jpg     Text File server_20110525.log    
Tags: 3_1_1-scrubbed


1. Install the bundle of "java_ee_sdk-6u3-web-b05-jdk7-windows-x64-ml.exe";
2. Login Admin Console and click "Clusters" in the left tree;
3. Create a new cluster(cluster5) and a new instance(instance5); check the path:C:\glassfish3\glassfish\nodes\localhost-domain1, new folder instance5 is created;
4. Delete this cluster,but error occurs. And the folder instance5 is deleted;
Pls check the picture attached;
5. Run "asadmin delete-local-instance --node localhost-domain1 instance5" by CLI, it failed because the folder is not existed.

6. Click "Standalone Instance" in the left tree;
7. Create a new instance(instance4);check the path:C:\glassfish3\glassfish\nodes\localhost-domain1, new folder instance4 is created;
8. Run "asadmin delete-local-instance --node localhost-domain1 instance4" by CLI, it failed because of the exception:wrong number of arguments. And the folder is deleted then.
Also I got some logs for your reference.

Comment by Anissa Lam [ 27/May/11 ]

Can you reproduce the issue just using the en locale ?
Console is behaving correctly and displaying the error message that comes from the backend to user.
Transfer this to Joe for evaluation.

Joe, the error msg is basically saying
Successfully remove instance5 froom DAS configuration, but running _delete-instance-filesystem failed on localhost-domain1 (localhost) and suggest user to run
"asadmin delete-local-instance --node localhost-domain1 instance5".

Comment by Joe Di Pol [ 27/May/11 ]

I've been unable to reproduce this. I'm running on Windows 7 in Chinese (Simplified, PRC). In my case I'm running glassfish-3.1.1-web-b06-windows-ml.exe.

It would be helpful if you could reproduce this using just the CLI and list the exact CLI commands you ran.

In the meantime I'll try again with the sdk bundle you mentioned.

Comment by li.wu [ 29/May/11 ]

Bundle: java_ee_sdk-6u3-web-b05-jdk7-windows-x64-ml.exe
OS: Windows7 JDK7
I just reproduced the issue by CLI:
>asadmin create-instance --node localhost-domain1 instance3; Success.
>asadmin delete-local-instance --node localhost-domain1 instance3; Failed(because of wrong number of arguments)
>asadmin create-local-instance instance4; Success.
>asadmin delete-local-instance --node localhost-domain1 instance4;Failed(because of wrong number of arguments)

Pls check the pictures attached for your reference.

Comment by Joe Di Pol [ 13/Jun/11 ]

I still can't reproduce this problem. I usedjava_ee_sdk-6u3-web-b05-jdk7-windows-ml.exe (I don't have an x64 install of Windows) on Windows 7 under Chinese (Simplified, PRC) and I was able to create and delete instances as described by the submitter without any problems. I used the default install location of c:\glassfish3 which, from the screenshots, looks to be the same as the submitter. There must be something else going on. I will contact the submitter directly.

Comment by Joe Di Pol [ 13/Oct/11 ]

Reducing priority since this is the only reported occurrence of this issue and I've been unable to reproduce it.

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