[JAVAMONEY-64] Maven dependency is broken 'javax.money:jsr354-api:0.7' Created: 30/Oct/13  Updated: 05/Feb/15  Resolved: 02/Mar/14

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On this page said:

Neverhtless this API is accessible by configuring the macen dependency:


It isn't true, I can't find this JAR in any repositories.

PS: typo "maCen"

Comment by atsticks [ 31/Oct/13 ]

Indeed. We planned to do that, but I admit to say we were a bit lazy. So I will take that up (have to talk with own of my EG members, to see, if he can finish this task...

Comment by atsticks [ 31/Oct/13 ]

Hi Chris

some time ago we discussed bringing our API/RI into maven central. Do you have time to finish this task within next days (for the public review 0.7 tag)?


Comment by chrispheby [ 31/Oct/13 ]

Hi Anatole,

I moved back from SG to the UK in the last few weeks. Still, I should be able to make some time for this hopefully during next week. One thing I was waiting on is to determine is whether we can define a site location for publishing a Maven site to when the release is made. This could be accessed via e.g. SSH?

Regards Chris

Comment by chrispheby [ 07/Nov/13 ]

Anatole, did you manage to locate a possible Maven site location?

Cheers Chris

Comment by atsticks [ 08/Nov/13 ]

I think we should use the java.net website I created, it is manageable using webdav:

It is acessible with the java.net credentials...

There I creates subfolders for each module to build:

  • api
  • ri
  • tck
  • javamoney

I will add a main web page that will link to the different sub projects...

Comment by scolebourne [ 09/Nov/13 ]

I would avoid java.net, publishing pages at GitHub is so much simpler.

The whole set of http://joda.org websites are at GitHub.

The pom is here. I use a special plugin from GitHub. So I do "mvn site-deploy" rather than "mvn site:deploy":

I host all the project sites under the repo "jodaorg.github.io" rather than complicated per-project sites. Just push to git and you have a website.

Comment by keilw [ 09/Nov/13 ]

There are already several Github pages, e.g. http://javamoney.github.io/jsr354-ri/ we should try to leverage those instead of duplication. While the java.net project is also code-named JavaMoney for historical purposes, if we still want to maintain news and updates around the Spec on java.net that sounds fair, but for RI, TCK and the JavaMoney Open Source project (which took over most of the JSRs original scope) that should be done on GitHub only. A link-list seems unnecessary effort with individual folders, a single page would be enough.

As for Joda, especially JSR 310 is one of the most bizarre examples how NOT do to this. Here on java.net there's
https://java.net/projects/jsr-310/ pointing to http://threeten.sourceforge.net/. That again claims, everything is now on GitHub, where the actual JSR page vanished because JSR 310 is not a real JSR any more, everything has been sucked into OpenJDK HG ;-/

What a mess, and perfect Lesson Learned on what we must avoid here (some day, but not with 1.0 we could face partial OpenJDK integration, but let's worry about after this one went Final )

P.s.: I just saw the javamoney.java.net page is NAKED and only shows HTTP sub-folders. Could we please try pointing that URL to https://javamoney.java.net/api/ instead?! The other pages are practically empty and see GitHub.io pages useless for most parts.

Besides, this looks like a slithly "abused" thread, the issue had nothing to do with a Wiki or Web page.
Following the success of Agorava.org, the way Antoine did that (asked him about it earlier) seems like a good pattern for a Github site (not a sub-project one like some of the repositories use already) used by javamoney.org. Until then javamoney.org simply points to the lib project, given the java.net page is a bit disfunctional at the moment


Comment by chrispheby [ 27/Nov/13 ]

Interesting dimensions to the discussion, but have we reached a decision. For the time being, I just need an agreed location (accessible via WebDAV / SSH) for publishing the Maven site as a multi-module project. We can finetune the mechanism and the structure when the basics are working?

Thanks Chris

Comment by chrispheby [ 30/Mar/14 ]

I think we didn't get an agreement on site location... how about I go ahead to arrange a Maven central release and omit the site publication?

Comment by chrispheby [ 01/Apr/14 ]

I think either Anatole or Werner published to central.

Release artifact is:


Comment by chrispheby [ 01/Apr/14 ]

Now a Jar is published in Maven Central I have added some Hibernate mappings into Usertype - see https://jadira.atlassian.net/browse/JDF-76

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