[JAVASERVERFACES-2511] Implement ResourceResourceLibraryContracts Created: 07/Sep/12  Updated: 27/Feb/13  Resolved: 27/Feb/13

Status: Closed
Project: javaserverfaces
Component/s: facelets
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Fix Version/s: 2.2.0-m10

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Reporter: Ed Burns Assignee: Ed Burns
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This is the task to track implementation work for JAVASERVERFACES_SPEC_PUBLIC-971

Comment by Ed Burns [ 15/Nov/12 ]


Comment by Ed Burns [ 16/Nov/12 ]

This is what remains as of today for this issue.

Take a look at in the 20121115 PDF.

  • I've only done the <web-app-root>/contracts searching. All of the
    stuff that loads from META-INF/contracts is totally unwritten, but
    straightforward to write.
  • The XML parsing logic that populates the resource library contracts
    data structure needs to be implemented.

This means fleshing out
ApplicationAssociate.getResourceLibraryContracts(), which is called
from WebConfiguration.discoverResourceLibraryContracts(). Lots of
stuff in our crufty XML parsing story has the form of, "do some
parsing and stuff some stuff into a data structure on
ApplicationAssociate. This is no different.

  • The contracts attribute in f:view isn't implemented.
  • FaceletViewHandlingStrategy.calculateResourceLibraryContracts() needs
    to us ethe resource library contract data structure to do the mapping
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