[JSON_PROCESSING_SPEC-53] Replace generic get methods in JsonArray & JsonObject with specific getters for object, array & number Created: 04/Feb/13  Updated: 10/Feb/13  Due: 08/Feb/13  Resolved: 10/Feb/13

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Example of how this change affects a typical task such as pulling a numeric value out of a nested object:

Given a JSON data structure:

        "id": 1234,
        "location": {
            "lat": 39.12333432,
            "long": -79.12344534

fetch the latitude from the nested "location" object.


    JsonObject jo = ...;
    double lat = jo.get("location", JsonObject.class).get("lat", JsonNumber.class).getDoubleValue();


    JsonObject jo = ...;
    double lat = jo.getObject("location").getNumber("lat").doubleValue();

I've implemented this together with shortening of getter names (drop 'Value' from getter method names; adjusted JsonNumber to use the familiar java.lang.Number method naming convention)

You can play with it by pulling from here:


Comment by jitu [ 06/Feb/13 ]

I think JsonNumber names should be in a separate issue. We have the same names in other places, for e.g JsonParser#getIntValue()

Comment by jfuerth [ 06/Feb/13 ]

Oh, good catch! I thought I had found all of them. I'll open a separate issue.

Comment by jfuerth [ 06/Feb/13 ]

I removed 'Value' from the method names in JsonParser. The commit is available for review on the same branch at:


Comment by jitu [ 09/Feb/13 ]
  • You noted earlier, one thing unsettling is getObject/getArray/getNumber return JsonXXX, where as getString return String
  • Should we use getJsonObject/getJsonArray etc? It is bit long.
double lat = jo.get("location", JsonObject.class).get("lat", JsonNumber.class).getDoubleValue();

would be

double lat = jo.getJsonObject("location").getJsonNumber("lat").getDouble();
  • Since there are accessor methods for string, int (perhaps the common cases), should we just add array and object accessor methods.
Comment by jfuerth [ 09/Feb/13 ]

That sounds like a reasonable solution to me. Adding "Json" to the names of methods that return JsonValues eliminates the potential confusion.

Closely related issue:

In the change I made for review, I eliminated the JsonObject#get(String,Class) and JsonArray#get(int,Class). This means that it's no longer possible to retrieve a JsonString instance from an object or an array (you can only get the java.lang.String that the JsonString wraps). I didn't add a special method for obtaining the JsonString mostly because the getString() that returns java.lang.String was in the way. It doesn't seem like a big problem to me.

I can only see one potential use case for getting the JsonString wrapper held by a JsonObject or JsonArray: when copying a bunch of string values from a JsonObject to a JsonObjectBuilder, passing the unwrapped strings to the builder will require new JsonString wrapper instances to be created, whereas this could be avoided by passing the JsonString wrapper that the JsonObject was already using. The same does not go for arrays, because we can use JsonArray#asList(JsonString.class) to get at the wrappers.

What do you think? If we rename getObject -> getJsonObject, getArray -> getJsonArray(), getNumber() -> getJsonNumber(), should we also add a getJsonString()?

Comment by jitu [ 09/Feb/13 ]

I was planning to add a method for JsonString. But anyway, developers can always use get(string/index) and cast it.
I will do the changes and you can take a look at it.

Comment by jitu [ 10/Feb/13 ]

getValue(..., ...)

JsonArray getJsonArray(...)
JsonObject getJsonObject(...)
JsonNumber getJsonNumber(...)
JsonString getJsonString(...)
boolean isNull(...)

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