[PORTLETSPEC3-40] Add new javax.portlet.ResourceComparator annotation in order to identify duplicate resources Created: 13/Dec/13  Updated: 13/May/14

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I would like to propose the following annotation, which
would allow portlet developers (and JSF portlet bridge implementors)
to provide a way to inform the portlet container of duplicate
resources. This is a common problem with JSF portlets, since each
JSF portlet on the portal page needs the "jsf.js" resource:

package javax.portlet;
* Annotation for marking a class that compares resource URLs. Such classes are
* discovered by the portlet container at startup and are required to
* implement the {@link java.util.Comparator} interface in order to compare
* resources represented as type {@link java.lang.String}. If the
* {@link java.util.Comparator#compare(Object, Object)} method returns 0, then
* the portlet container will consider the resources to be identical and will include
* only the first resource in the <head/> section of the rendered portal page.
* @since 3.0
public @interface ResourceComparator {

Here is an example that a JSF portlet bridge could use in order to prevent duplicate JSF resources:

public interface FacesResource {

	public enum TYPE {
	public TYPE getType();
	public String getName();
	public String getLibrary();
public class FacesResourceComparator implements Comparator<String> {

	public int compare(String resourceURL1, String resourceURL2) {

		if (isFacesResource(resourceURL1) && isFacesResource(resourceURL2)) {
				FacesResource facesResource1 = new FacesResourceImpl(resourceURL1);
				FacesResource facesResource2 = new FacesResourceImpl(resourceURL2);

				if (facesResource1.equals(facesResource2)) {
					return 0;
				else {
					return -1;
		else {
			return -1;

	protected boolean isFacesResource(String url) {
		return ((url != null) && url.contains("javax.faces.resource"));

Comment by kito75 [ 14/Jan/14 ]

Sounds good to me. Would we need a default implementation?

Comment by Ed Burns [ 13/May/14 ]

This seems like a tough problem to solve in the absence of a component based rendering model.

Comment by Ed Burns [ 13/May/14 ]

I would need to see more context to be able to critique this. I don't know enough about the portlet runtime to understand who would be instantiating the FacesResourceComparator and when it would be getting invoked, for example.

Comment by Neil Griffin [ 13/May/14 ]

After each portlet on a page has undergone the RENDER_PHASE of the portlet lifecycle, the portal server is responsible for assembling a complete HTML document. When it comes time for the portal server to build up the contents of the <head>...</head> section, the portal server would invoke classes marked with @ResourceComparator in order to let individual portlets determine whether or not two resources are essentially identical. One example would be a portal page with two or more JSF portlets. Each JSF portlet would attempt to add jsf.js to the <head>...</head> section. The JSF Portlet Bridge could have a class annotated with @ResourceComparator that would be able to identify duplicate jsf.js inclusions. The portal server would then know that it should only include the first instance of jsf.js in the <head>...</head> section.

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