[SWINGX-1387] RolloverProducer: must not fire clicked on release-after-drag Created: 14/Jan/11  Updated: 30/Mar/11  Resolved: 30/Mar/11

Status: Resolved
Project: swingx
Component/s: Highlighter
Affects Version/s: 1.6.3
Fix Version/s: 1.6.3

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depends on SWINGX-456 Rollover not working while dragging Resolved
Issuezilla Id: 1,387


title says it all. Turned up while fixing Issue 456 - so marking this as depends on just
to keep the relation.

RolloverVisualCheck has a visual test case to expose

Comment by kleopatra [ 14/Jan/11 ]

hmm ... somewhat confused musings ... is it a problem of the producer or of the controller?

  • it's definitely wrong to trigger any action on release-after-drag, after all, it's a
    "clicked" (in terms of mouseEvent equivalents)
  • if some client controller out there depends on getting the clicked (as a stand-in for
    "released") that code will stop to work if we change the producer behaviour


Comment by Karl Schaefer [ 14/Jan/11 ]

We can do the following. Support both the correct and incorrect behavior for
the next release and warn users of the change. In the following release,
remove the bad "click" behavior completely. Gets us going in the right
direction and gives the users a path for transition.

Of course, we need to make an announcement of the change on the forums and in
the wiki.

Comment by kleopatra [ 30/Mar/11 ]

After thinking a bit longer ... I think the old behaviour was crooked to start with and completely broke the "click" semantics after the fix the blocking issue

The whole idea of the click was to support a click-in-cell-coordinates, that is simulate the feel of a button. That makes sense only if the release happens in the same cell as the release (the implementation most probably relies on that fact somewhere anyway, didn't check though). Whoever used it for something else, mis-used it. So we are safe to fix, hehe

So changed the behaviour to fire a clicked on release if the release happens in same cell. It's decided in an overridable method to allow subclasses to change. If we get a loud uproar, we can add a system/app property to allow unconditional click-on-release. (which was the old incorrect behaviour) More elaborate logic could be added if requested - that would be handled in a new feature issue.

wiki is unavailabe, forum is more-or-less unwritable ... sigh


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