[SWINGX-77] JXMonthView: Add year selector drop down Created: 12/Aug/05  Updated: 21/Mar/11

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Component/s: Calendar
Affects Version/s: 0.9.0
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blocks SWINGX-1264 JXCalendar: add vista style zoomable ... Open
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Currently, the month view panel only allows navigating month by month by
clicking the left and right arrow. If the user wants to select say year 2009,
he or she will have to click the right arrow many many times to get to year

So the enhancement request is to add a year selector drop down so that user can
select any year quickly

Comment by dmouse [ 12/Aug/05 ]


Comment by kentang [ 12/Aug/05 ]

Please also consider adding a month drop down selector....
Again, similar reason, if current month is June and the selected month is Dec,
then user has to click right arrow six times.

If they have a month drop down, then only two clicks!


Comment by kleopatra [ 13/Oct/05 ]

assigned date/month picker related issues to Joshua.

Comment by kleopatra [ 28/Oct/05 ]

cleanup: subcomponent

Comment by Karl Schaefer [ 30/Oct/07 ]
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Comment by rah003 [ 14/Nov/07 ]

Anybody knows current status? If so please update target as appropriate.

Comment by kleopatra [ 15/Nov/07 ]

nothing in the pipe plus it's a nice-to-have, so postpone.

Comment by kleopatra [ 15/Nov/07 ]
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Comment by irond13 [ 14/Dec/07 ]
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Comment by irond13 [ 14/Dec/07 ]

"nothing in the pipe plus it's a nice-to-have, so postpone. "

I disagree, it's definitely a must-have if you consider using a DatePicker for
birthday input. If someone could point me in the right direction (i.e. where is
it that the current two buttons are added) I'd be willing to have a go at it
myself. I really do think it's that essential.

Comment by perrito666 [ 17/Feb/09 ]

I also think that traversing by year would be very useful, since selecting a
date ten years back is somewhat troublesome currently.
I'd like to suggest something like Windows API date picker control, which
behaves like follows:

  • when clicked on month, shows dropdown list of months in current year
  • when clicked on year, shows small editbox and spinner buddy, so user can
    either type year in manually, or spin it up/down (spin step depends on how far
    we have already spinned away from starting position, and it increases "with
    time", so it jumps by one year at start, 10 years after some steps, some more
    years after some more steps etc.)

This behaviour is quite good and ergonomic, and would make selecting of distant
years much easier (birthdays, future expiry dates, etc.)

Comment by kleopatra [ 18/Feb/09 ]

dooh .. what a long-standing issue, and now really has bunch of votes. Yeah,
we'll definitely go into allowing easier big-date-jumps - but not any drop-down
(can't anyway, there's only exactly one drop-down allowed, so couldn't in picker
with open monthView) nor editor solution. We plan to go the more elegant vista
style kind-of "zoomable" ranges. My incubator has a mock-up of that, the
monthview is prepared for it (already has a zoomable property, a dedicated
header component, renderer-based painting ..) , what's missing is the meat in
there, that is actually implement the different range panels. High on priority
for after final.


Comment by holzfreiweiss [ 18/Feb/09 ]

Great! good news ) Kleopatra, could you give any hints about the time
horizon please? (FYI: we are/were about to take something other instead of
DatePicker, because for us the "birthday selection" scenario is critical)

Tamas (Thomas)

Comment by kleopatra [ 18/Feb/09 ]


as you experienced, we're notoriously bad with time-estimates Currently
discussing the next releases, see f.i.:


Trying to squeeze this in as soon as possible.

Sorry for the vagueness

Comment by holzfreiweiss [ 18/Feb/09 ]

Thanks for quick input!!
(Actually I was searching on SwingX, SwingLab pages for milestones/deadlines..
without success.)

Comment by kleopatra [ 31/Mar/09 ]
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Comment by kleopatra [ 22/Apr/09 ]




Comment by kleopatra [ 23/Apr/09 ]
  • added implementation of CalendarHeaderHandler which controls a spinner for the
    year (SpinningCalendarHeaderHandler)
  • implemented minimal configuration support via the UIManager values for the new
  • control whether or not the spinner is focusable (default is false)
  • control whether or not the month nav arrows surround the month text (default
    is false)
  • added support to BasicMonthViewUI to find/instantiate custom header
    implementation via a class name registered in the UIManager
  • updated tests

Guys, for my taste this looks ugly - but I'm not the visual designer So if
you come up with improvements (discussed and agreed upon in the forum), I would
happily commit them.

Waiting for feedback

Comment by kleopatra [ 12/May/09 ]
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Comment by trejkaz [ 11/Apr/10 ]

I'm interested in this too. The company I work for writes software which
essentially handles only historical data.

Comment by Emmanuel Bourg [ 02/Feb/11 ]

Moving up or down by one year is fundamental for many use cases. As a quick workaround I would suggest implementing SHIFT+Clic on the buttons to skip one year instead of one month.

Comment by Emmanuel Bourg [ 02/Feb/11 ]

Here is a simple patch implementing the shift+clic action on the buttons to skip one year.

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