[VISUALVM-533] VisualVM blocks Eclipse Juno Created: 21/Nov/12  Updated: 30/Nov/12  Resolved: 26/Nov/12

Status: Resolved
Project: VisualVM
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Affects Version/s: 1.3.5
Fix Version/s: 1.3.5

Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: philho Assignee: thurka
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Windows 7 Pro
Java 1.7.0_5 or _9, 64-bit
Eclipse Juno (4.2)

Tags: eclipse, freeze, juno


Selected version 1.3.4 in the Affects Version/s list, because 1.3.5 isn't listed yet...

When I run VisualVM 1.3.5 (standalone) on Windows 7 Pro, Eclipse Juno (4.2, 64bit, run with Java 1.7.0_5 or _9) becomes frozen: I cannot bring it to front from the task bar, although I can see it in the small preview. I can iconify windows to see the window, but it doesn't react to clicks, etc. As if a glass pane was in front of it. Windows doesn't report it as non responsive. A simple close window command from the task bar is ineffective, I have to kill the process from the task manager.

Closing VisualVM doesn't solve the issue...

If I start VisualVM first, Eclipse remains stuck on the splash screen.

Comment by philho [ 21/Nov/12 ]

Same problem with Eclipse Indigo (3.7) on similar environment.
Eclipse is seen as "Local application", with a generic icon.
If I run the JVisualVM of Java 1.7.0_09, it shows Eclipse by its name, with its icon, and the problem doesn't happen.

Comment by thurka [ 23/Nov/12 ]

Can you please tell me on which JDK (32bit or 64bit) do you run VisualVM 1.3.5 ? It looks like JVisualVM is running 64bit JDK, while VisualVM 1.3.5 is running 32bit JDK.

Comment by thurka [ 23/Nov/12 ]

We can confirm that this is happening when you run VisualVM on different architecture (32bit versus 64bit) than monitored application. This is WIndows only issue.

Comment by philho [ 24/Nov/12 ]

Ah, since the binary is a simple exe, I had no second thoughts about this...
I am not in front of the computer where I reported this, but I know that the installed JRE (in the system) is Java 7, 32bit edition, because we have to run our software with this version from Java Web start.
JAVA_HOME might point somewhere else (a JDK), but I don't know if you use this environment variable.

As reported, Eclipse does run on a 64bit JVM.

Comment by thurka [ 26/Nov/12 ]

Fixed in revision 3176.

bugfix #533, on Windows, try to attach only to process with he the same architecture (32bit/64bit)

Comment by philho [ 27/Nov/12 ]

You mean VisualVM attaches itself to all Java processes it finds as soon as it starts?
Because the freezing happens when I run it, without even taking an action in it.

It is great if you found a fix.

How do we choose on which VM VisualVM will run? On Windows, it is a simple .exe file, I see no .ini file like Eclipse has (allowing to specify the Java to use). I don't know if it uses the default Java runtime put at C:\Windows\system32\java.exe by the last Java installer, or the one specified by JAVA_HOME (not really, actually, according to my test) or something else.

I mean, I might want to examine 32- or 64-bit Java programs, so I need to run VisualVM with the same VM than the one they use (I always have several JDK on my system...), so I need a mean (command line option?) to specify it.

Comment by thurka [ 27/Nov/12 ]

Try to run
visualvm.exe --help
from commandline to get list of commandline options.

Comment by thurka [ 30/Nov/12 ]

The fix is also available on 1.3.5 plugin center.

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