[UNITSOFMEASUREMENT-58] Consider a license change to BSD for RI/TCK Created: 19/Sep/14  Updated: 04/Nov/14  Resolved: 04/Nov/14

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Project: unitsofmeasurement
Component/s: RI, TCK
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Fix Version/s: 0.7

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Contrary to discussions we had in January with Jim Wright, where he suggested Apache 2.0 was better than BSD (as JSR 275 also used) there have been issues between OSI/FSF and Apache considering Apache 2.0 incompabible with GPL: http://www.apache.org/licenses/GPL-compatibility.html

This affects large parts of the Java platform licensed under GPL+Classpath Exception.

While JSR 363 is not currently aiming at platform integration (there is less of a "platform" other than CLDC/MEEP in Java ME anyway) a future Java version like 9 or 10 could find some of it appealing. Either for Sensor support (on the SE side) or backing value objects as per "Valhalla" (whether that comes with Java 9 or 10 we shall see)

The license change to Apache 2.0 from earlier work based on 275 was decided by all EG members who contribute code and of course especially the Spec Leads. We can discuss it at the F2F, there will of course be a JSR 358 session next week involving those of us in the EC (Leo, Mohamed, myself and at least Bruno for SouJava)

Given it builds on top of Java SE 8+ the SE port is a piece which would be at least as important, if not more crucial than RI/TCK about this. Demos or other 3rd party projects could probably remain Apache. Especially one derived from a JBoss example is based on Apache already.

We have not published a milestone like EDR yet, so it would be a lot easier to do this now if we found it beneficial.


Comment by keilw [ 29/Sep/14 ]

As per JCP EC discussion on IP (JSR-358) any JSR that uses Apache license will be permitted from contributing to the Java platform.
As soon as Java 10+ introduces not only Jigsaw but things like custom data types (Valhalla) there could be parts to enter the platform, so we don't want to prohibit that by using a license that is not acceptable by OpenJDK/Oracle.

Unit-API 0.6 and JSR-275 used BSD already, so we plan to relicense all relevant artifacts to BSD 2.
Unless any EG Members have serious objections, we'll do that within a week and also inform PMO.

Comment by keilw [ 04/Nov/14 ]

As per https://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=363#updates PMO also updated the detail page.

[JERSEY-1979] Use Jersey in Eclipse plugin (license) Created: 16/Jul/13  Updated: 08/Aug/13  Resolved: 18/Jul/13

Status: Resolved
Project: jersey
Component/s: core
Affects Version/s: 1.16
Fix Version/s: 2.2

Type: Task Priority: Major
Reporter: Pepstock Assignee: Marek Potociar
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Eclipse, cross platform

Tags: license


Hi all,

I'm a member of a new community which are developing a GPLv3 tool. We decided to use Jersey (currently version 1.16) in our tool and it works well (thank you!!).
About the license point of view, we don't have any problem server site, because our solution is GPL3.

We have also developed a Eclipse plugin and we would like to use Jersey (client side) inside the plugin.

Unfortunately GPL (Jersey license) is not compatible with EPL. So may I ask you :
1) can we use Jersey in CDDL license in a Eclipse plugin?
2) If yes, can we use Apache 2.0 license for our plugin or EPL is necessary?
3) If no, can you allow us to use and distribute Jersey in our plugin?

Of course, if we can't use Jersey, we'll rewrite our code with another Restful framework.

Thanks a lot!

Comment by Pepstock [ 16/Jul/13 ]

Hi all again,

just adding more info. Reading EPL license I found at this link (http://www.eclipse.org/legal/eplfaq.php):

The current list of licenses approved for use by third-party code redistributed by Eclipse projects is:

  • Apache Software License 1.1
  • Apache Software License 2.0
  • W3C Software License
  • Common Public License Version 1.0
  • IBM Public License 1.0
  • Mozilla Public License Version 1.1
  • Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) Version 1.0
  • GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.3
  • BSD
  • MIT

I just ask you (for confirmation) if I can release the plugin under EPL.

Thanks a lot again


Comment by Marek Potociar [ 18/Jul/13 ]

In general, Jersey code can be used with either GPLv2+CPE or CDDL. It's your choice.

I do not know the Eclipse licensing requirements and I am not a lawyer. You need to either find those details yourself or ask your lawyers for a consultation.

[JAVAMONEY-95] Check headers for license, etc. Created: 05/Mar/15  Updated: 07/Mar/15  Resolved: 07/Mar/15

Status: Resolved
Project: javamoney
Component/s: API
Affects Version/s: 0.9
Fix Version/s: 1.0

Type: Task Priority: Minor
Reporter: keilw Assignee: atsticks
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Some headers of sources shifted between RI and API occasionally refer to the RI license. Try to review and where possible change it
(there are of course other JSRs that don't care about this at all, thus it is of minor priority )

[JAVAMONEY-3] Fix LICENSE.txt Created: 01/Aug/12  Updated: 02/Feb/13  Resolved: 02/Feb/13

Status: Closed
Project: javamoney
Component/s: None
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Type: Task Priority: Critical
Reporter: keilw Assignee: vgrazi
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The current LICENSE.txt in the codebase is Apache License Version 2.0. This is not suitable for a JSR Spec License.
There might be other OpenJDK related licenses (see the JSR 310 repository), but the spec itself has JCP requirements for a special license granted by the Spec Lead (Credit Suisse) Please ask PMO for help with that. The BSD-like license, JSR 310 currently contains is also not sufficient.

Apache License 2.0 is listed for RI and TCK, but following what most JSRs do here, there are likely separate projects or at least GitHub code-repositories for such artifacts. At the moment the project represents the Spec code. LICENSE.txt must be replaced or this file at least renamed (LICENSE_RI_TCK.txt or similar) for future reuse.

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