[GLASSFISH-1063] Ability to removed unused services Created: 01/Sep/06  Updated: 17/Oct/12

Status: Open
Project: glassfish
Component/s: configuration
Affects Version/s: 9.1pe
Fix Version/s: future release

Type: New Feature Priority: Major
Reporter: cowwoc Assignee: Masoud Kalali
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I am expecting to be able to install Glassfish and disable (uninstall?) all
unused services such as ORB and JMX which I don't plan on using anytime in the
forseeable future. I guess I am a little biased having migrated from Tomcat, I
simply don't see a need for this for my personal uses.

I managed to manually disable all ports except HTTP, ADMIN and JMX. I am a bit
surprised I can't disable JMX, though I am fine with keeping the two services
alive. Again, coming from a Tomcat background, I am wondering why ADMIN is
deployed on a completely different port instead of making it a webapp on the
main HTTP port. You could still deny access to the webapp if the remote-address
is not localhost or any other rules that makes sense to you but dedicating an
entire port to it seems a bit excessive in my view. Alternatively, maybe you
might want to consider dedicating a single port to admin all domains from a
single GUI (you can see as many domains as you have access to with your login).

Comment by km105526 [ 01/Sep/06 ]

This is certainly a feature that relates to the modularization of application

I think yours is a good suggestion to make the admin applications available on
8080 (http) and 1043 (https) for developers. I have to think hard, but don't see
any immediate problems with this suggestion. Let me see what I can do about this ...

Comment by km105526 [ 25/Sep/06 ]

Feature, not possible to do for this release.

Comment by Tom Mueller [ 17/Oct/12 ]

Marking the fix version field as "future-release". This is based on an evaluation by John, Michael, and Tom WRT to the PRD for the Java EE 7 RI/SDK. This issues was deemed to not be a P1 for that release. If this is in error or there are other reasons why this RFE should be targeted for the Java EE 7 RI/SDK release, then change the fix version field back to an appropriate build.

[GLASSFISH-19408] GlassFish services and components to conform with configuration modularity Created: 06/Dec/12  Updated: 21/Sep/15

Status: Open
Project: glassfish
Component/s: admin
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: 4.1.1

Type: Task Priority: Major
Reporter: Masoud Kalali Assignee: Masoud Kalali
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Tags: configuration


Different modules requires to conform with configuration modularity. This is a parent task for all the issue being filed for this project. More details at the internal wiki page: http://aseng-wiki.us.oracle.com/asengwiki/display/GlassFish/Config+Modularity+One+Pager

[GLASSFISH-20417] ability to have asadmin emit output that can then be scripted back as create statements Created: 26/Apr/13  Updated: 29/Apr/13

Status: Open
Project: glassfish
Component/s: configuration
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: future release

Type: New Feature Priority: Major
Reporter: pbelbin Assignee: Masoud Kalali
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
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as much as asadmin's export-sync-bundle will snapshot an entire domain's configuration, and allow that entire config to be used elsewhere, this is not so good if you only need to move bits and pieces of a config, as might be the case when you want to update an existing production config with the new jdbc resources from the development platform.

it would be great if the list or export commands could be told what to list, and have them effectively generate the asadmin commands one would then use on the other system for those resources to create them.

Comment by Tom Mueller [ 29/Apr/13 ]

Request for clarification - are you looking for the ability to record commands that have been run as they are run, so that they can be replayed later? Or are you looking for a backup/restore type capability that can be used for test-to-production except that it only transfers a part of the configuration, no matter now the configuration was modified?

The former is available to a certain extent using the AS_LOGFILE environment variable. When set, this produces a file like the following:

04/29/2013 09:00:17 EXIT: 0 asadmin start-domain
04/29/2013 09:00:22 EXIT: 0 asadmin deploy apps/helloworld.war
04/29/2013 09:00:26 EXIT: 0 asadmin create-jvm-options -Da=b
04/29/2013 09:00:34 EXIT: 0 asadmin create-cluster c1

The timestamp and exit code have to be removed, but this provides a list of commands that were executed.
However, this does not reproduce configuration that was accomplished via the GUI interface or any other means.

Another alternative would be something like the backup-domain and restore-domain commands. The backup-domain command allows the complete configuration of a domain to be saved into a backup file, and then the restore-domain command can use that file to recreate the domain. The restore-command creates a brand new domain; it does not apply configuration changes that were made to the domain to an existing domain. If the restore capability were modified to allow only parts of the configuration to be restored, then that might meet this need.

Comment by Tom Mueller [ 29/Apr/13 ]

If any change is going to be done for this, it will be in a future release (not 4.0), so marking the fix version as future-release. Still waiting for feedback as to determine what is actually desired here.

Comment by pbelbin [ 29/Apr/13 ]

I'm looking for something that we can use to 'extract' a portion of the config in a way that can then be used to push that portion to another instance.

eg: code on lab server requires a new JMS config, or JDBC connection & pool be defined.

it would be very useful to allow the existing lab config to be pulled, then modified where/if needed, in text form, then, use that information via asadmin to create the same resource on the production platform.

I don't want to move the entire glassfish config from lab to production. just a portion, with the ability to edit the details to account for differences between lab and production server names etc.

seems odd that we can push config commands, but we can't get something out, that we can then use to push against another instance.

Comment by Tom Mueller [ 29/Apr/13 ]

So it looks like this is more than just using asadmin log file output. It might be related to the backup worked, but with the requirement to edit the configuration in between, it is different than that. This might be related to get-active-module-config, however, there is no way to use the output from that command to input the configuration into another service.

Comment by pbelbin [ 29/Apr/13 ]

another good example of what I'm looking for is this:

I manually created a JNDI Custom Resource using java.util.properties.

I have created it with perhaps a dozen distinct properties.

Now, I want to do 2 things:

1. create a copy of this, but with some minor tweaks, as a new custom resource.
2. save this, from my development environment, and then install it in a different environment altogether.

using the existing asadmin command, I believe (with some difficulty perhaps) I can create the resource, but there's no way to extract the current values, allow me to change them, and then push them back into the glassfish instance (or another instance).

it's not symmetrical. I can push, but I can not pull.

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