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Task JCP-11

JSR 354 Final Approval Ballot

jcp_pmo JCP_Harold Major Resolved Complete  
Task JCP-8

JSR 270 Maintenance Release

jcp_pmo jcp_pmo Major Resolved Complete 18/Mar/15
Task JCP-6

JSR 364 Public Review

jcp_pmo jcp_pmo Major Resolved Fixed 09/Mar/15
Task JCP-2

JSR Proposal submission: Portlet 3.0 Bridge for JSF 2.2

jcp_pmo jcp_pmo Major Resolved Complete 03/Mar/15
Task JCP-1

JSR 282 - submitted EDR 2 on 31 December 2014

jcp_pmo JCP_Harold Major Closed Fixed  
New Feature JAVAMONEY-23

Extended JSR Scope

atsticks atsticks Major Closed Fixed  

Align Integration Requirements With OpenJDK

Unassigned atsticks Minor Closed Won't Fix 14/Mar/15